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Stole two hundred thousand dollars she admitted it to stay police he confessed is stealing more than two hundred thousand dollars henry editor he'll she is still not been charged with a crime although district attorney marco cerna said he will prosecute on top of that twenty sixteen the state is agreed to pay six hundred forty thousand dollars to settle claims in northern employees were retaliated against for whistleblowing and a jury awarded another four hundred seventy five thousand dollars and in retaliation case mccart recommendations on improvements in northern followed an investigation by the firm of the alleged embezzlement by trujillo it gets worse our investigation and interviews were quite revealing about the lack of internal controls in northern new mexico college and it is easy to see how the embezzlement allegedly perpetrated by former financial services director could have occurred easy to see how could have happened reports said trujillo had reast unrestricted access to cash bank accounts and the accounting system and it was said she was able to change or delete listed financial transactions reports had quoted most times jermaine to this investigation she effectively had no supervision and no oversight of any transactions or approval employees who questioned her requested documentation were giving excuses or demeaned or even bullied by here until they stopped asking for documentation simply gave up or forgot employs physician did notice problems were and in some cases still are underqualified and lack appropriate training it gets worse mccart report on his investigation echo many of the findings from the fiscal two thousand sixteen audit done by hotter mio accounting group including lack of controls over accounting practices cash handling and property as well as failure to timely and accurately reconcile bank accounts where was leadership this was pre president and richard bailey where was the city where was the legislature where was p e d i mean are there not regular opportunities for leadership outside off campus to know about this to care about this where were the legislators from that area it gets worse little bit more here mccart said if found that users of northern computer system for accounting finance and banking had access to areas that the system to which they were not entitled.

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