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There's a chance that i might be able to fit into. And they did. And i was. I was very happy with that. That's all you really see. Because i'm one of those people if you listen to some of the shows enough. I preach the writers all the time that there's a portion of the rejection. It's your responsibility because you didn't do the research at all to found what kind of magazine usa million to i. Send it over the hell's going on do you go right now. You're you're you're one hundred percent right and you know. It's one of the things that i've discovered too with on the writing side. Is that if i get accepted somewhere on for example aerial chart if i accepted your journal you're not gonna see me responding or sending something else for six six months maybe more maybe a little less but generally i just keep moving around because in my mind you know i don't wanna get stuck in one groove. I don't wanna just assume because then if you say oh this is going to hear. This piece is going to fit there. Then you're presuming that you're you're fulfilling something and you're denying yourself with got art is all about your art should be just what you write and not for someone or something you just write it you express yourself and you know sometimes sometimes you submit it. Sometimes you don't. I mean you've seen pieces from from my book. That's coming up dragged with crazy Alive that i would never submit. I know they're good poems. I've had several editors read them. Say these are great. You should submit them somewhere. But i won't because it will fit a box it it'll fit someone's ideal what you know something should be. I don't wanna be that. That's that's not who i am. I want you to think you know. I have no idea what that guy's about. That's i want everyone to say that for the rest of their lives. I still don't know what he's about. And i've known him twenty five years that's to me is what my writings all about is about discovery. It's about being bold. It's about being untethered to any expectations. It's about being as honest as you feel you're capable of being and then pushing yourself even further and when i read is an editor. That's what i want to see as well. I want someone to write something that they're so afraid of. They would show it to anyone but me and if you know and then they when someone gets something like that accepted they're terrified that send it to you and you accepted the feeling that writer. Has i know that as an editor. I i know what that means because i feel it too so when i reject someone nine times out of ten. I'll say oh doesn't fit. I'm very brief. I'm very blunt that puts people off. This doesn't fit. This doesn't work can't use this but every now and then and it's happening more and more like i like this. This is good stuff doesn't fit what i want. You should try fear in. And i'll give them a list of of journals to consider because just because one person doesn't take your work doesn't mean somebody else will and i've proven that i've had a short a short story. I had a poem. I wrote for the book. It was in a different style. It's it's what i call it. Do larry palm where you have. One side of the poem is very in your face up front in the moment and in the second side of it.

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