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He said, quote, it's time to move forward and move forward with a big smile. ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi. I was you know, I wouldn't say I'm shocked because you know, knowing how rob it's been the last couple of years in terms of health and his mental state. I mean, I've known rob ever since you've at university of Arizona. I've been watching him play. There may be in a former wildcat myself. And this is a guy that loves the game of football with every ounce of his game. So when it starts to get to the point where you know, you start to doubt how much you love the game or the other aspect is your body doesn't allow you to love it back injuries multiple surgeries that he's had. That's a huge prevention and taking away your love for the game. So having going through all of this. You know, it's a tough decision to come back to under to want to go through the grind again. It's just hard to do when you have those type of injuries to get through. Because when rob was happy the entire locker room felt that energy. It was contagious. That's a type of joy he had for the game. And when you feel that starts to taper, then, you know, it's time to hang them up and the career has been great. I mean I've seen every snap of his career. I saw him at the university of Arizona. One of the best football players. I've ever watched. And just wish him the future. Endeavors how specifically did. He change the tight Well, when you have that type of ability to be that type of receiver that can line up anywhere. I don't know how to defend it in terms of because if you bring in a tied in like that that can also block the way he can block you have to match up with defensive packages that have to have to stop the run, but those type of packages don't have those extra TV, and then you come out of a huddle offensively and all of a sudden gronkowski's lined up out there and you've got to pick linebacker and they're anticipating it was a run. Now, I have to go line up on him. And then guard him man to man, and there's your match and then there you have gronkowski down the field for a forty to fifty yard gain. He was also one of the best run after the catch man that I've ever seen this stiff arms, you know, the sound effects. However, you wanna do it and all of the highlights how he which is all people over after he caught the ball a lot of these big titan. They catch him. And they fall, you know, they're going down because they don't. Have the bout. They don't have the ability gronkowski could catch it and take off. That's especially was seventy seventy nine touchdown receptions for grog since he joined the patriots and impressive streak for the Sweet Sixteen continues. That's next. It's ESPN radio..

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