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I'm Rosiak of I'm a product senior product manager Pandora I worked before among others at Cisco for three years managing some of their hardware products. And. I had a lot of questions when I wanted to move from hardware to software around the differences between the industry. And so I thought that this talk the interesting for you guys too. So the first thing that mmediately stands out is the difference the striking difference between the hardware. The hardware PM is all about the circuit boards. And the software is all about those fluff and flowers. Really? Hell lake Certes live here, and it all boils down basically to this. So yeah, we're going to talk a little bit about what is with PM. Is a good PM should should be product. Agnostic doesn't even matter. If you're managing software product or cargo product. We'll talk a little bit about the actual differences between managing those types of products. And will connect the dots with talking about. How what what's the ideal kind of bland off personality and skills for the for the job? How to excel whatever job yet? Even before we dive into that. How many people here work for a software company, not necessarily as a software product manager, but company, cool and Kagera? All right, splits as yours are all software is kind of the. The dominating part, and hardware is slightly kind of mysterious. So I hope this will be really useful for for people. To learn more about hardware. The main. Okay. So. Should a good product manager be product agnostic? I actually Kim. The a bunch of wing thin jobs. Jobs on linked to see both hardware and software postings in. I found two interesting things I they didn't differ too much rather requirements for hardware and for social product manuals rolls didn't differ too much and on the other hand, those requirements didn't feel very relevant for me. They felt absolutely meaningless. So many of them almost most of them talked about technical, Akron, basically software or computer, science background or engineering background experience with coding. I would claim that in Geneva background is probably the worst background for a product manager to have from my own experience. Always especially initially pushed me to talk. When I was thinking about a product or about a teacher. I was thinking more about what's the easiest way to do it right rather than was user actually needs or I would engage in the conversations around was the best way to do it. Like how to do it instead of talking about what to do white? And other things that I'm noticed experience with development. I think that. Egil is a very. Is a buzz term nowadays. And basically, it means planning every more or less other every other week for for the next week two weeks who here have ever planned. You know, the task or scheduled in advance on his calendar who this week for the for the next one. All right. So you're a certified scrum manager. Yeah. This is that that simple. That's best. What's you basically scheduling every other week and your plan for the next two weeks, data driven mindset in other irrelevant requirement Everson is data driven which all of your decisions would be data driven. Even if those decisions based on emotions emotions is also some kind of data that you make your decision based on totally rela AB testing experience. All right. So that is not something that we do every day, but I would claim it's also pretty relevant because basically what it means you take a green button like a blue button you compare the number of clicks between the two and the green button guests more clicks, go with that. That's about it. It's a little bit more complicated. There is a bunch of trade offs involved. Usually rather the green button might get more clicks. But the blue button for somewhere. Reason might get longer sessions. And by the way, the Grynbaum clicks would come from twenty to thirty years old people in Minnesota. So, but that kind of drilling down on segmenting would be doing it so much in your job that basically is irrelevant whether or not you did a few time that if you times before one we can do the job you'll be doing it like like, like master planning story. Prioritization, something that also comes up almost in all those job postings. Have you guys ever planned anything? We'll prioritize anything. Great your planner masters. So I would claim this.

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