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Start leading to an eventual wind down of the war which finally petered out in one thousand nine hundred seventy five. But number one record in America that day back in nineteen seventy two from Johnny Nash concede. It's gonna be. Sunshine quarter past the hour now on first light don't wanna steal your funder, Dan, but we're joined now by meteorologist Dan pitcher, an so Dan is anybody going to be having a sunshiny day any place today? But while there are going to be some areas. That's some pretty nice weather today mainly across the southern plains and the southern Rockies Denver, sixty eight degrees today, plenty of sunshine, also plenty of sunshine in areas, like Salt Lake City. Dallas however trouble-spots across the eastern seaboard today into tomorrow. Heavy rain today across the Carolinas Georgia moving its way northward into the mid Atlantic. And all that rain that's across the southeast today. We'll be working its way northward along the eastern seaboard tonight into the start of the weekend. Tomorrow, very windy and rainy by late tonight and tomorrow in areas, like New York City, Philadelphia. So it is going to be a pretty dicey start to the weekend. Also, some rain today across the Pacific northwest in areas like Portland in. Seattle. But then across California, plenty of sunshine will be very warm later this afternoon for game three of the World Series as the Red Sox had out west to go to Los Angeles. So when you use that meteorological term dicey for the nor'easter. What does that mean? Are we talking a dangerous or just an annoyance? We're talking about pretty strong winds, especially along the coast. So I do think there could be at least some beach erosion some coastal flooding, and maybe some down trees and power lines as well. It's a quick moving storm, but it will be pretty potent. So I do think you'll caused some issues especially right along in coastal areas. Okay. I was going to ask you about some dean's list cities. But I guess I'll ask the avenue. Pitted. Hausky picks for today. I do I do if you like warm weather, how about Phoenix Arizona, plenty of sunshine, highs in the middle to upper eighties. And again, I mentioned Denver near seventy degrees, plenty of sunshine and Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, also sunny and warm with pleasant temperatures. All right. Thanks,.

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