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Yeah, I've been impressed looking at some of the events and things that are happening how much it seems like the Democrats who were running across the state are are working with each other and talking to each other and having events together. Yeah, I am very proud. I said this Saturday speech, I gave to a democratic fund raiser. There was headlined by John Bel, Edwards Louisiana's governor that you know, we have a tremendous late this year, all four of our congressional candidates, including congressman Thompsons obviously. And then myself, Mike Espy I am proud to stand on stage with this late and work together and move Mississippi Ford and everybody in that slate feels the same as I do that now is the time that Mississippi is ready for this change and that we. Can go to Washington and we can change things. So I'm proud of this group that we have, and I think it's the best group I've seen in my adult lifetime. So I think you're going to see some successes and I think you're gonna see some some big changes in Mississippi elects two senators to them. Credit senators. We're gonna shock the world. We would love that we would to if our listeners would like to help your campaign out, how can they do that? Oh, I would love to get some help from your listeners killing in the way to do that is to go to WWW dot Barry, a four, Mississippi. That's the r. a. f. o. r. Mississippi spelled out very afford Mississippi dot com. I'm also on Facebook. I'm on Twitter at the barrier. I think on Instagram. I'm not really sure how operate since two, but you know, we're, we're on all social media platforms and they could write a check if they wanted to bury a four Mississippi and send it to our campaign office at five, fifty five, Tom baby street in Jackson, Mississippi. If they want to volunteer, they can send an Email to info at vary from Mississippi dot com. We would be happy to have people help with virtual phone banking with right postcards with canvassing or whatever other ways that they would. Like to plug in and help, and we will take all the help with you get. Excellent, and we'll put links for that up on our website as well. Great, thank you. Thank you so much for speaking with me. I'm so excited to see such great candidates running in Mississippi and I, you know, I'm really excited as we've been talking to people throughout the south of how much energy there seems to be among Democrats. This year seems to really be growing. Thank you Kelly. And as I travel to state, I can says that I feel it on the ground here in Mississippi. Don't count us out. Don't write us off. We're working hard. There were folks outside of Mississippi who are coming into our state to help with get out the vote efforts registration, and then getting people to the polls is obviously critical. So we're doing our part this time and please don't write us off help us. Thank you, and we'll be watching your race very closely as we head toward November. Thank you. I appreciate the time. Thanks for listening to to broads talking. Politics are theme song is called, are you listening off of the album? Elephant shaped trees by the band immune ary, and we're using it with permission of the band, our logo and other original artwork is by Matthew Lynn and was created for use by this podcast..

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