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In big trouble face down on re days earlier. That was nothing because it veered to ease and it was over hype. But they always do that. But anyway We're keeping an eye on the new orleans area. We have lots of friends down there and anything we can do to help. we will. School would a florida where covert madness has basically sees the entire state sin amazing stat so last week one thousand seven hundred twenty seven. People died from cova in florida. One thousand seven twenty-seven that's the most on record in any week and it's up from two hundred eighty deaths the week of june eleventh two and a half months ago so what happened in florida. It was as variant as delta variant whipped in apparently that strain of switch quicker in the hot weather now. I'm not a medical person. I don't know all i know with stats. That come in and florida and last four weeks. Five thousand people dead in four weeks covy now in the vaccination front only fifty six percent of meridians are fully vaccinated. You gotta get vaccinated. I mean enough. The the risks that you're taking by not being investigated is far more than getting the medicine. The vaccine once we get to seventy five percent in this country will be a thing of the past with fifty six percent. No you gotta do it. Okay oregon now as another state. That's getting a lot of covert so the governor. Kate brown far far left. I mean in a realm that very few american states have ever experienced. She says you got to wear a mask. If you're in her state everywhere outdoors indoors. Vacs not faxed. And then she sneaks in. We're physical distancing is not possible so if you're close to another human being in oregon you got mask so this is a power play but there are bad stats in the state all right so in the last two weeks and oregon desktop one hundred and twenty six percent in oregon sada heavily populated State but this is an overreach. And that's what the far left us uses anything to increase the power of the central government. This time it's in salem oregon. That's where the capitalist all right now. here's an interesting story. And i wrote about this in killing the mob extensively in killing them off sir hanser han assassinated robert kennedy right. He's now been okayed for parole. By the state of california seventy seven years old. He was twenty four when he murdered. Rfk spin in prison a penitentiary and california fifty. Three years all right. He said that he killed kennedy because our supported israel answer answer is a palestinian now. He feels remorse. And at eight seventy seven. The parole board said okay. You can leave prison. However the governor of california gavin newsom has to okay it he has to say it's a sign off on it and the governor is up for recall on september fourteenth. Now the kennedy family and this is fascinating. Because i know them pretty well are divided on this so some of rfk's children and believe he had ten aright. Want the parole. That's doug kennedy. At fox news and robert kennedy junior was quoted in killing mom and then others other children. Joseph courtney kerry christopher maxwell and rory kennedy don't want him out they want to stay in prison. So i'm saying if i were one of the kennedy kids where would i come down on it. I think i would come down on the compassion and let him out you sir. Fifty three years again. He's seventy seven. But i may. I don't know i'm looking at a this passionately. No an interesting part of this story is that some of the kennedy children believes are answer. Hand did not act alone. And that's what i write about in killing them up because rfk was one of the probably the most effective mafia-fighter of all time and the mod hated him and wanted him dead. Now i believe sir hand acted alone. But i felt it was my duty as a journalist to quote robert kennedy junior and put forth his point of view which i did but anyway it'll be interesting to see if newsom signs off on the parole. Nbc news is a left wing organization. It is run by a company called comcast. Those are the cable people they own. Nbc news the also own nbc entertainment. Which goes under. Nbc universal so news is news nbc. Universal does the movies tv shows and all that they have donated nbc universal twenty. Five thousand dollars to keep newsom in office now. The ceo of nbc universal is a guy named jeff shell. He's a rabid democrat. Big obama guy and has always been nothing wrong with that. People's politics shouldn't be a matter of whether their heart hired or not but when nbc is now injecting itself into the american political sociation with money big money. Then everybody goes. Whoa wait a minute here. wait a minute. A big media companies are getting behind politicians to get them in power dicey others defending newsom with a lot of money reed hastings. Ceo of net flicks. Three million bucks. He's donated to keep newsom in office. And then the unions of course are lay love. Newsom 'cause newsham gives them everything they want. So we're gonna recall. Election is the fourteenth september next week will zero in on it. I still predict newsom. Who's gonna lose his job. I've done that. I did that way back okay before anybody did it now. The polls say it's a tie we'll see here's an interesting story of caught my eye. Sixty one percent of the american people paid no federal income tax in two thousand twenty last year. Okay.

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