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Podcast with yvonne orgy my girl we will almost called the to go queens so enjoy and subscribe was going everybody should girl yvonne or g hayes love you and together we have do you no they were calling us jesus but she love the things we love the most we can do you love so i part cast our new cast is called this and we are hoping join us for every episode won't be talking about yvan ever seen everything under the sun i mean if you're advocating you you can relate if you wanna be advocate you can really because now it's cool to be forgotten hey walk on the block france what happened what is really west uganda was ever got you know so we it's about time we did something together so join us we will be talking about life things all things being nigerian being african being artists being foolish goats in fact where the most foolish i'm awfully good join us of scribe on apple podcast and everywhere else that podcast are and talking about things would be like things we don't like that make us we invite you you don't have to be african to listen to those on your love you just have to be lovers of all things african incorrect on car right now you wanted to be black i'm black was wearing already black he's okay is enough enough hey those on you'll breath us is enough love yeah this is hashtag it's okay this is flu follow us on all social media i'm at yvonne mortgage that's why the oh and e o r j i get your mind and i'm at lovey l u v e all of the interwebs correct confirmed welcome to wherever offer plates all right so good hope you subscribe to jesus angelov wherever you get your podcast end up onto my guests interview boom amanda welcome to random randomness hella we did it we made it happy yo very proud of us from tax to actually make it happen because look to people who are constantly on the move all the time trying to nail down trying to pin down a cloud yes exactly because we'd be moving we'd be moving is but let me give let me give people use epic bio of yours so comedian actress writer producer a more amanda seal doesn't just make you laugh she makes change with on kenny net for serious topics with for taking sears topics with humor making them reliable interesting she combines intellectual exuberance still in this i love exuberance your bio in a pop culture obsession to create her unique style of smart funny content for the state and screens along with performing stand up across the globe and torn colleges doing comedic lectures on everything from sexism to diversity to black pop culture she's a series regular tiffany on hbo insecure and has performed standup on late night with seth meyers and open for chris rock she is the creator in host of hit comedy show smart funny and black as she speaks truth to change your wildly popular instagram weekly podcast small doses yes okay slight work you guess you guess so when i read all of that hour i'm always curious what did you want to do when you were growing up when i was growing up i really just wanted to do it's funny that you ask it in that way because that's literally i just wanted to do things and nothing has changed when people ask me like oh what's like your ultimate goals to be oprah you know is its own a network you know is it to live on a remote island and teach yoga it's like no my ultimate goal is is options so it could be all of the above you know what i'm saying i just love the idea of having the freedom to let my creativity run wild and i have so many ideas you know all the time and it's just like you just wanna be able to execute and make things that make people better and they make the world better for people in the best in the biggest way possible right so i wanted to originally it was like oh i wanna be a pediatrician and then it was like oh i want to be the first female president of the united states of america obviously and then i was like i wanna be actress and that was it.

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