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Competing with a lot of publishers on the east coast so washington post new york times and other related publishers. They've already been up at it. So if we're gonna logging on five. Were catching up on some of the trends. That are already popping over there. And that's where. Google trends is really invaluable because it will start to show me okay. These are the things that are already percolating at all. Start to check from like the night before. Okay did post on any of these things are we behind are. Is there anything that we can jump on right now. I'll also start to look into you. Know like our wire services on because we work with like ap news and so if there is a quicker wire piece of content that we can get up to jump on a trend will do that because they will take more time obviously early to get on one of our own writers to do something So it's a matter of kind of filtering through those things finding wire where it's appropriate to jump on some trends and then really laying out a workflow Because a good example the olympics have been a huge infrastructure over then. The news cycle And so every single day when you're in a specific event cycle like that. Google trends is also really helpful. Because in that top stories section of google trends those olympics themes will shine through In particular a big one. That i've taken in the last few days has obviously been simone. Biles she's been a major topic of interest so every single day. I'm always trying to dig in there and say okay. How can we better cover this particular theme. What are breakout angles. So that's kind of going beyond just like the simple news but trying to find these like explainer angles and different Specific queries that people might be searching for One that i came up with today that came directly from google trends. Was you know. What our twisties as simone biles referred to that as some faith that was something that impacted her when she was in that bolt. So now we're pursuing an explainer on that to like. Hopefully debunk that for our readers..

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