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All right in entertainment news. Riana has officially earned a brand new title. And that is the title of billionaire. That's right reports that. Yes we re is worth a whopping one point. Seven billion dollars with a b. and that makes female musician in the world. Okay i'll say. I love that and you know. Just perhaps more impressive is the fact that she's made most of that money through ventures outside of music okay like fenny beauty which i love her makeup line. I absolutely love her. Making a blind and savage xfinty. You know lingerie yeah her lingerie line. And you know so. Congratulations for her. Thinking outside the box and i understood that when she was i going to do her makeup line. A lot of people said no. Don't do it too. Many there is another makeup line and all of that and look at her. Now she she. She followed her dreams and now she's worth one point seven billion dollars so we don't make let's do some steve harvey morning show makeup line to the girls. Why make up. Show them make up. You know you got splotches trump. I you got actually lips. We hit a help. Yeah we'll make up. Most parents come up with my lip gloss line there you go there you go and other. Entertainment news tommy. You'll be interested in this story as we told you earlier. Rapper big sean has added some interest to his height. He says with the help of a chiropractor okay. He's from that. He revealed on his instagram stories. That after regular visits he grew a couple of inches. And how the blank i grew. Two inches sean sean. Captioned the video. Chiropractor for years straight twice a week that's bind straight by fifty two weeks in a year. He didn't go twice a week. Yeah wait hold on nut run. He says i'm laughing. 'cause it's real various reports listed him. You know his height as five eight but now apparently with the new treatments at the chiropractor and everything. He's five ten tommy five five teen do. How many do you if you don't get his phone session. If he's one hundred seven you only know just get down to yes it a year tall twice a week tuesday thursday. Just go pound junior. You driving down near dry day. Thursday work today. Mega august august. May we could do. Tommy boy and i love it. Exa- ever to too. Yeah we'll never hear the end of that. If tommy sitting he's thinking about it a route that i will go on that. I will just check in time at three o'clock thing appointment junior. The net thirty five dollars. I rejected that all right here. We go time now for today's headlines. J it's time for the news with miss n trip and thank you jay. Thank you shirley. This is andrew but the news cova cases shooting up in michigan even while many people still reluctant to get vaccinated. All i can tell you yesterday. Health officials say that just two states accounted for one out of every three new cases of cova last week and with texas and florida so now one day after the president Called on both stays to institute. Public health measures necessary to tamp down new virus infections. The president says of governors aren't gonna help they should get out of the way florida's governor rhonda santa's snaps back claiming that the president's promoting a biomedical security state. And let me tell you this. If you're coming after the rights of parents in florida i'm standing in your way. I'm not gonna let you get away with that. Obviously this is a warm crowd for him to santa's parents and not public health. Experts should decide whether their children should wear masks. Tyson foods in microsoft. Meanwhile the latest require their workers to be vaccinated. Millions of tenants at risk of addiction. Do the pandemic crossing their fingers. Waiting to see if the cdc's temporary extension of the eviction ban till october holes up in court at least three new york state. County district attorney. Say they're carefully checking out the attorney. General's probe into governor cuomo's alleged sexual harassment of eleven female employees with an eye toward a criminal prosecution or two. Meanwhile a lawyer for one of his accusers. Charlotte bennett says her. Client has no intention to sue but the attorneys for some of the other woman involves say their clients are keeping their options open. There's already a word by the way of one civil suit coming. Federal prosecutors have charged nine people with firearms offenses for allegedly selling guns from georgia. To new york. A bipartisan infrastructure. Bill moving through the us senate jay z and will smith throwing a whole lot of financials for behind a program designed to help poor people by their own homes is a tech startup called landis and it's a rent to cell type of plan where clients are allowed to rent properties until they're able to qualify for a mortgage and will jay z are donating a combined one hundred and sixty five million dollars to this program through their companies. Rock nation and dream is a nice finally any case. Broadway's opening again the first play to open since the start of the pandemic began. Its run last night in august. It was in the august. Wilson theatre has overlooked at the lives of two black men chatting on a street corner and they're talking about their lives with each hoping. That tomorrow will be better. It's that kind of discussion. Call passover passover. The first of seven plays by black playwrights schedule for broadway this season proof of vaccination mass though are required it all of them now. Back to the steve harvey morning show. You're listening to steve harvey morning show..

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