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Make a completely free account and make sure when you sign up you let them know that you heard about them for the fantasy football podcast. I've a follow up real quick. Okay. Sean McDermott was asked about Roe prior playing quarterback. He did not dismiss it. He says the sign the signings, Terrell Pryor, and it's all about the bills current situation at the position trill prior. If you look priors. He's not going to be the fulltime QB. He will get a handful of snaps at the quarterback and throw some passes it, yes and some interceptions. Maybe he did this for a while. And you leave when he was making the transition in Cleveland took some wildcat snaps. He threw a few pass and he was valuable for fantasy there. And you look it's always nice when I mean, if you could ever play a quarterback in a wide receiver slot that then you would do that. So I mean, he's going to be wide receiver and your platform. Still. He's going to have to throw himself chasing after Terrell Pryor is hey, it's Halloween. All right. Well, you know, what it's Wednesday, and it may be Halloween. But we also have to pump the brakes so O O Reilly. I think we did that better than Andy Jason Mike I've ever done that. I agree. I'm pumping the brakes on Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement because I believe that Josh Adams will become the man, or at least the man most dependable in that backfield in Philadelphia by the season's end, he's the better bigger stronger running back, and while I know that they kind of lean on Smallwood right now. I don't think that's where they want to be in Corey Clement not enough snaps. I think you've gotta pump the brakes with your your viewpoint. First of all in Clemett. Look I've got him in a couple of leagues I hope for better things. It's not coming. And when I watched the tape he moves his legs a lot. He ain't going anywhere and then window Smallwood right now, the volume's there where you can flex him. I'm not saying that you can't. But I think the Transition's coming. So if there's opportunity to move him if there's opportunity to protect yourself by picking up, Josh Adams. I think that's what you do on pumping the brakes on that backfield overall because. It's just hard to predict unfortunately. Yeah. You never wanna be in a backfield with three running backs. That's why I'm not quite as high on Josh Adams. But I agree. He has looked the best of the three. And I don't have any problem. Pump the brakes on small wooden inclement. I'm pumping the brakes on Alex Collins, speaking of three headed running back by committees. Now, I I had this in here prior to the trade for time on Gumri. So this is an even more aggressive pump to two pumps. Double-o Alex Collins, he's going to be in a low scoring possible. Low scoring divisional game the Pittsburgh Baltimore games. They're not always the fun explosive offense of outputs that you want to see but Alex Jones has been very touchdown dependent this season. He already has five touchdowns on the season. Which is really rescued some of his games where it's like, oh, he was he was pretty good..

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