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To the Bay Bridge is quiet, but southbound I -97 from Crownsville down to Route 50 you get by single file to the left past the ongoing work zone there, which I believe is still the paving project. Feeling the heat? till Wait you see your energy bills. The solution? WindowNation. Pay nothing for two years, plus get two free windows. With every two you buy, call 866 -90 -NATION or visit them online at WindowNation .com. Bob Inler, WTOP -Traffic. Alright, Bob, we are headed to Veronica Johnson next. 7 News First Alert, Chief Meteorologist, and I guess now we're getting to the bad stuff. The bad air and the high humidity tomorrow, Veronica? Unfortunately, yes. We knew that this A little stint of delightful weather wasn't going to last very long and we're going to be moving into some higher humidity for tomorrow and code orange air quality, which means unhealthy for the sensitive groups. If you're someone with heart or lung issues, maybe COPD or asthma, you'll really want to take it easy tomorrow. Now, this evening here and overnight and even the first part of tomorrow is going to feel pretty nice. Temperatures now in the lower 80s will continue to drop through the 70s and by morning we'll be looking at a range between about 65 and 72 degrees, 72 in and around DC, 60s for many of the outlying suburbs, but sunshine is on tap for the day tomorrow, 90 to 95 degrees, what we're forecasting through the area. Of course, that's hot, 90 an hour average high temperature for this time of the year and then you add a little bit of humidity on top of that, it's going to feel more uncomfortable, but especially so for Thursday and Friday, we've got some scattered showers and storms that we also are going to be dealing with for the afternoon and evening hours on Thursday both and Friday and that rain for Thursday may even extend to early Friday morning rush, so keep that in mind. As far as temperatures out there right now, 86 degrees in DC, Ballinger Creek, Frederick, Maryland are 83, McLean, Virginia also at 83. We're brought to you by Mervis Diamond Importers. Mervis means diamonds for the best quality and value. Nobody beats Mervis Diamonds.

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