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But he's got all these winds. And I'm not telling you anything, you don't know not exactly a household name here in the United States. Like, do you think he is going to get the title shot next to you think he's done enough because of the popularity side the wind is not exactly at his back. Yeah. You know, I think it's a it's a weird time, and that, you know. There's there's no there's no consistency. You know? There's no like, oh, you know, he's to this. Then tease your panel shop, or you know, if you rent this high and beat somebody that's rank this high. There's really like, no, consistent consistency. It's the first year was VN. You know, would only what's going to happen. As far as what's going to dictate that if they're gonna bring the big fights to to you know, to favor view and try to sell what paper views or they're gonna do big fight on. You never know what they're doing to me that the biggest the biggest thing that I've noticed since the new ownership took place, just like, you know, you just trying to observe and you know, you wanna win. And if you wanna you wanna be a champion, and and that part, I think there there's been like a little lack of systems like all these super fights. And and you know, Khanna's kinda like attitude that a little. Bit. And and often in a good way. You know, if if they're not see huge fight and all that huge the best fight. The fires fight each other. And I looked at the PG dillashaw with said who the ones very interesting fight for now. What now you have a champion? They just lost somebody on the lower weight class and was that for the entire division. And then do a show one of the best one thirty five years is one of the best thirty five history. So now what you know nearly as far as this, whereas football, I think really good too. And you know, I think that the best position you could be to do everything right with what you have called of you know, like it's like the best guys like decisively, and, you know, violently, you know, like, I think that people looked at him, and you see special fighter that from this new generation of present guys where there aren't many special fires. And then I have to say that I am from your. You know, I see huge huge gap between you know, the generational. You know, Anderson and deep door, and and, you know, Middletown, and even they who's now on the leader in his career. He's never wanna fight over. It's been the most successful is in your history as far as finishes and fights. But you know, I think at the mall is gonna end up being like a superstar. He was doing just because of how good he is. And the more he fights the more people are going to that before in Brazil here, they lack like, you know, someone really look up to now especially out probably like all those lots year. I think is in a great position. And and you know, just gotta keep working patience. And you know, you're going to get where you're supposed to get. If he doesn't get the next title shot. It'll be a crime not saying crimes don't happen. But it would be a crime. If he didn't get it. He looked nominal. I'll just say this. Ricardo congratulations. You guys are doing great things. Over here in New Jersey. And I was just blown away by Marlon? I hope that you have see feels the same as I do because that guy is special. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for having me. And yeah, let's fight against wanna on guys. Find just here. Guys. Like, sometimes I forget how good the art. And the piece got Eddie like at the end of March. And I can't wait to see Frankie five or six hundred five for for. Sure. Thank you so much. Thank you. Ricardo. Take care. What a great guy. He is. I could have talked to him for an hour. We just don't have an hour of. Here's what we do have time for this is where you become a guest of the show. It is time for the sound off..

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