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Forget what this kid. Right there. That could be the Seattle Seahawks. That's something. You've never written a song about CJ Beth now more CJ Beathard Bavard. Yeah. Who's going to be the guy? All right after the cache creek text line for bringing mayo cafaro, eight says, Niners should go pick up Bortles. Just so paulie MAC and right fallout boys immortals to Blake Bortles might not hold my breath on that one. Yeah. You know, what I'm saying help me fall out? Boy, I don't know how much in common we have to and for one five say you guys are sleeping on ole miss wide receiver de que maquette. You see his four three. I mean, his forty four three three one point nine body fat. He's like ripped you see the pictures of him. Cayenne Alec the name. What's your body fat cope put those little pinchers on you? What am I going pressing number? Yeah. I did one recently. I did one like about a year ago. So I'm going to do that day. I would never do that to my at the time. I was going to the gym. And they're like, hey, have your body fat tests. His brand new thing. It's a scam. If it's a little pincher on you go. This is easy. Yeah. And I went in there. Like, here's your numbers. I'm like, I'm never doing this again. Right, right. Yeah. Done. Yeah. He's another four zero eight three different people say Niners. Jeff de que. Unbelievable. Excuse me. Four one five six I have my day off. I have my Nance half zip on. I just need a Cup of Joe McCarthy while we do it this way I drink the coffee up by like two coffee. I love that bite. Yeah. Seven zero seven says those drum beaters you're talking about win thirty more games than your SE giant respect. Now. You got me there, buddy. You're right. Seven zero seven says not watching the combine is your loss. You miss out on a Mike Mayock saying things like this kid's muscles have muscles authority the guy. Now, if you wanna get I don't think there's any concern here. But if you wanna pull in a Paul MAC, if you wanna pull in an Adam Copeland, here's how you do. It you bring in Tim Ryan you put Mike in front of them. And you let them start riffing. And then on my watch or I don't know that that would be a start. That'd be a good way to say, what Mayock isn't what's going to get me to the like? That's not going to be my point of watching eight three one says they run with pads on when they play why care about their ability to runs another great question. Another great question. Matters to a degree. You gotta do said. We're gonna have these guys sit down at a desk and do math problems too. Well, they do they do the. TV nam saying put a camera on these guys. Well, they do the wonder forget to carry the two on that one. I'm not so much worried about the blitzing and pass protection. Don't forget to move your decimal long division versus talking about. These are my concerns. Four zero eight says come on, bro. There's af all day. Don't say there's no football. Have. We lost our momentum for the San Diego fleet. How we doing? How has dropped out shiny object? Nice run at a good two weeks, even QB one Lucas had a San Diego fleets sweatshirt. Right. But I think I mean, I don't tell you that's going to be collected hurt fleet or struggling. You got to check with Lucas had to check with local. Nine oh, nine says don't mention Jimmy and running. He'd better never run. Again, throw the damn ball away. Boy. Dillon. He now towards towards the towards the Garoppolo just wanna see boy up. Okay. I mean, there's a lot of this kid's got to deliver. Now. Matt maiocco will talk to us on the other side about what from the combine fits the forty. Niners needs best. Then we got total weekend recall homes and bombs daily dose of dubs recounting the weekend. Carla Latorre, no the Boyer beat writer. Nice profile Damian lead. Today's awesome. Is this going to be the guy or the rumors that they're interested in Andrew bogut loves evoke bat. Angry AUSSIE, you magin high level, right? 'cause he was MVP of won the MVP and the defensive player of the year for the Sydney kings in the Australian National Basketball league, no disrespect to like Willis Reed. And that great moment when he comes out and all that hits couple of buckets garden goes crazy. Knicks won the title, dude. I want to see the angry AUSSIE coming out of our tunnel. One more time out there at oracle. I'll be right there. Dude, throwing confetti in the air copes, you're saying didn't he have sort of a Jeff can't salty off? And I was rattled in my brain. But I couldn't remember I know he's on Twitter. He. Likes to mess with the PC crowd. He will come at the PC crowd on Twitter. So I don't know if that's what you mean. Like if people are out there saying, oh, this is an injustice he'll be like come on. I just felt like he had made a comment that rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way when you left. I don't know that he talks trash very France. But he's he's very Frank. He's very candy. I appreciate that about my bogus the word. He's box. I need a bluntness in my bluntness to your bags Mattie maiocco, talking forty Niners next on the.

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