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And God will be glorified with that. Let's start the show hello again. Hey thanks so much for joining me or are you doing today. I hope you are doing great. So this is episode twenty. This is a big deal. You know typically in podcasts. There's a thing that's called. Pod Fade whereafter about eight episodes. Most podcasts die so the fact that I'm at episode. Twenty a big deal looking back since January. I when I put the first one up. I've gone through a name change and I've joined the Christian podcast community. That was a big surprise. I didn't expect that and really I've just a I bought real gear instead of just using a USB microphone in my computer I now have real recording gear and I've even done my first voice over work so it's pretty amazing what God has done in just or just a little over five months so I thank God for. I'm really excited that you're you're with me. I I've met so many great friends and I include you among them as far as regular listeners and podcasts community people and so I'm I'm super thrilled super super honored and I'm excited to see what the Lord does next. You know I'm excited to see what the next the next twenty episodes or like part of developing as a podcast or as a radio show e deciding and figuring out what works. And what doesn't work? And who am I finding that right? Podcast that right radio voice to you. My listener part of that is changing things around and turn see well this work. This didn't I got feedback about this or the head so I'll be doing a lot more of that. You know one of the things I'm excited about doing is all have some interviews lined up and that's a challenge for me because I've only recorded one and it was in person. These are going to be remote. So that's GonNa be interesting to see how that all works out. Today's kind of fun too because for episode twenty. Now that I planned it this way on doing something different. I'm going to step aside and I'm GonNa let the bulk of the the show. Go to a great friend of mine a pastor. I met in Uganda when I was there in January. Twenty nineteen pastor. Simon Peter Palumbo. He's he's a great brother in the Lord. I preached at his church when I was there in January twenty nineteen and then over the summer last year he and his son came to the United States and we got the meet up. I got to show him some of the United States and so it was. It's been really fun. We we've really enjoyed getting to know each other. He's he's a dear friend. And a dear brother pastor. Peter has radio show in Capterra Uganda which is on the eastern side central eastern Uganda. And if you don't know where Uganda is it's on the eastern side of Africa and Central Eastern and it straddles the equator anyway. He has a radio show and this is a little message. He gave recently on the show and I asked him if I could rebroadcast it here. And he said yes. So you're you're in for a treat Really excited about it before. I turn things over to pass Peter. I wanted to also let you know again. Just a reminder go striving for eternity dot org sign up may thirtieth the snatch them from the Flames Home Edition Conference with Andrew Rappaport and Justin. Peters this is about digging into the Bible learning how to have discernment about teachers and false. Teachers had to how to spot a false teacher..

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