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On Tuesday, not entirely, but did train at least part of the session here possible eleven for Manchester United as well as some subs-. They were missing a lot of guys against PS g but with this many players out any of with you like their chances. Chris polling those. He said he wants say anyway. Brassey bring all these. For Montana blunt. I don't see boss Alona making this mistakes that PS g meet, you know, we talked to PS G at length and how they just completely bought in the second leg where the mistakes and the performance, but why was Bacelona themselves of go, you know, weaknesses in defense that better teams can maybe pick apart. I I don't see hotline with this much the United States. Even if the Phillies players was still funny bossa, particularly Massey shows open. He's in the mood. Simplicity say is about Massey. But as of as about Massey so ten on the players doing the job and then haven't been Stevie. The fight that probably Herrera Mati you're going to be oh, that's two of you. Those tune pct is their best three is far as those guys can sound and two of them are going to be messing. And that means who's gonna stop the bowl getting too messy who in the middle of the park is going to stop Barscelona getting the ball to defeat Lio. Messi? I don't think McComb is doing think Fred as not means you going to be on the pressure constantly rush for the front who's not fully. I mean, he's your hope. He's your hope to try and get something from this game on the Brig. And if he's not on a percent. Yeah. Look, I I've tried and failed to make a case for so uniting have an opportunity here because I think that there there's a chance for them to counter against Barcelona is being exposing time time and time again in the league against teams that are not as good as my see not interesting how to would save. But one of the things that might just could've used was a mentally and physically taxing Madge against at the mother for the weekend. Well, it was neither of those because the cost I got himself thrown out. And then from then on it was all about possession. It was all about a training session. I just think that Bertha comes into this ready to go, and it's going to be very difficult for might just to get a hold of all let's move onto Wednesday's other matchup. I x and events in answer damn here. The odds again event, a big favorite the talking point around. This one will Rinaldo play injured go playing for Portugal, the next Allegra San over. And all the train the team is that our disposal. And nothing happens. Then you'll be the starting eleven tomorrow. So here's. You bet most of his agreement that would be stupid move. That's my he does play. What I need picks up an injury could the rest of the season is going to. Why risk? Why I I would I would not be able to look. The only answer to that is a leg ris. No, sean. These cavemen because been shopping only tell me tell me baby, and he gives in with looks like they could be trouble legal. Well, whatever happens. Tomorrow's match shirt will cover here on the show. Don't miss it. The questions are rolling in on Twitter for today's for extra-time plenty to discuss on ES firs victory and the Liverpool victories. Well, have you ever wanna watch extra time can do the question.

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