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Ohio state still in the top. Four teams only played four games. Now that the possibly michigan state ryan day is not going to be at the game because he's tested positive for covert but the big ten is doing everything humanly possible that they can do. They have ohio. State the sixty seven so they can qualify for the Football playoffs cincinnati. Again cincinnati remains unbeaten and mike number seven the same place where they were last week. You know know know that there ain't no way humanly possible. Cincinnati is gonna be in the top four spots. No way. I don't give a damn what they do. They can go out and they can beat some teams one. Hundred did nothing for the rest of the season. It ain't gonna matter. Clemson notre dame one of the teams are going to be in alabama. They're probably going to be in a complete complete utter chaos happens. I still don't think that. Cincinnati can find an avenue can find a way can have directions to get themselves to be one of the top four teams to compete for the college football playoffs. It's called you're not in a power. Five conference go fuck yourself. You ain't invited we interested so you know cinderella. You ain't going to the ball bitch. So is like one of those deals so. When does the sports. I'm your host win. The wallace glad you could be with us college football week. Thirteen past weekend eighteen game for postponed or cancelled brings the total number of games cancelled or postponed the season to one hundred gotta make that money though right president you gotta make that money right. Aideed make the money right. We gotta make that money fuck. I don't give a damn how we get there. We those counters as the big twelve. The big ten. Sec sec pac twelve day of what the hell at the pac twelve one is doing the pac twelve. I live close to pac twelve country. Nike forgetting that conference is still playing football games or at least trying to play football games. Jeez so look. Some games postponed games with some significance again. The ohio state illinois game was canceled this past saturday after positive tests but the ohio state program again. We're speaking about the situation. Where ohio state needs to. There's no more cancellations. there's no more postponements. I don't know exactly what we can you. I'm sorry i'm nfl. Gene smith athletic director. I'm sitting up there speaking of somebody to say okay. Even if we do have positive tests what exactly can we do to either. A hide the fact that we have positive tests and to put them on the field and cross our fingers or doing something man because we ain't missing out on that check. We ain't missing out on an opportunity to play for a championship. All the huddle huckabee blue and all this other bullshit us in nebraska and all these folks from the big ten conference's wait around was talking about. We'll go play sometime else somewhere else. And all this other bullshit and now we're at the position now where we might not have an opportunity to play when if we're ohio state where one of the top four teams in the country this year. And we're gonna have. We're gonna miss out on the opportunity because some fucking copen positive.

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