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Guys anyways for a couple of things we need to do a waste Management Barstool podcast okay during the waste management. Okay I mean. We have a golf podcasts yeah. I know that that's what I'm saying but we need to get the baseball guys with golf. Guys Waste Management. We need to make some Let's do every year. It's that's pretty doubt all right so we have four replays the golf podcast. We'll do a four play starting nine crossover with page sporadic. We've got the few times Z. Same She. She's she's in New York now. Wow yeah well. We'll definitely do that crossover but we mentioned toilet earlier and back when he was in in Boston. I remember John Farrell. He was like the rule with an iron fist guy and it was almost like he was dad and Tori was mom like if you wanted had to get something you go to mom so what what type of relationship do you guys have a Tory and like what type of like clubhouse does he environment is promote man Tori a I mean ultimate players Major. I mean I think you hear that a lot but I mean Tori at least for me. Tell him everything he knows about my relationships on and off off the field he's just Kinda that type of guy where he always presents things that makes you feel like you know he was in your shoes and I think that's the Greatest Testament dettori is he remembers coming up and kind of struggling you know and not being consistent player like he wanted to and how hard the big leases and he never shows you. He never makes a bad face. He's always is going to tell you your role where you stand. I think that's the biggest thing in today's game is the communication factor and he is the best. I've been around. How has he been with you like when I first got called up. I was was like freaking out on like I'm in the manager's office like yeah. I'm thinking back in college when like the head coach is like the scary sky ever but he was he was awesome like he's just there's such a he's a player's coach. We have meetings. You know talk about stuff like that's going on and he's just been unreal. He's a guy towards the guy everyone says yeah. Ah clubhouse wise like that was. Let's cool is I don't know if you WANNA call it leadership council or whatever but every every couple of weeks he has a bunch of guys from different groups of the team come into his office and it's just like bullshit out food. You don't like a base running. Call bullpens being ran. It's just like kind of an open floor yeah yeah and he really does He. Kinda takes comments and he writes them down and he puts into action and then clubhouse wise. He's always said like that your room right guys. Make it whatever you want. However you want to run on it music. No Music Dress Code. No dress code. It's it's your guys run it. How much do you think that that's helped you guys ton. Yeah I think a lot because I said you know guys being able uncomfortable when they come to the ballpark baseball such a weird game. It's it's it's a team game but there's so much such an individual aspect to it right and from mark are staff training staff coaches. Torey the environment that they have is just be ready to play whatever it is you want to go get in the hot tub all day illness show till five when the the game starts be ready to go and we'll get after yeah. That's that's basically what I've heard about him. Always is this like guys players gravitate towards him but for you being a rookie rookie in the league. It was there anything in particular that he like said to you. Is there any like guidance any advice that he gave to you like when you first got up here he remember. I got pulled from the a game against the dodgers early so mad because you know I just punched out a smart Russell Martin Fourteen pitch at and I was so mad and he talked about that and he was like you know you know. Today's not the day like we're GonNa get you to where like you're going to throw one hundred ten pitches and you're going to be that guy for us and literally the next game like you know. I'm looking at one hundred nine pitches so like he he just like motivates. You and you know he's. He's a guy that you want to play for so has it has like the holy shit factor worn off yet like that. I'm still up here. I really ever wears yeah. you know where you're just like. I mean eventually you get into a groove becomes work and you're in a routine and it's so just like monotonous but yeah I I mean like wh what was your what was your first impression of a big league clubhouse. I mean obviously you're like horror stories. Yeah I was like this every team's different some teams. They're like they're trained to be like yeah like younger guys who gives a shit knocking other clubs where they embrace the younger guys in like to what was your experience like that uh-huh yeah the horror stories and I'm like. I don't know what's going to happen but I came up in. Everyone is just like you said. Everyone is just like super welcoming like they're. They were awesome. Congratulations like everything like that so for me like that made me feel better and made me feel where I can be myself and I mean it's been awesome ever. Since how cool is it to get to watch a on a daily basis that means free guys swag man Dan. Yeah I mean to to see him from his first year when we got him over and you saw this bark you saw the talent that was in there and then I tell them every day I was like. I love watching play baseball watching watching him and ask you go back to back like they're. They're amazing man watching watching those guys in the way they've played and both of them especially Escobar but Martine like they're. They're both just such happy guy right like you can't help but smile when you see him do genuinely makes you happy as a teammate as a person to watch these guys play baseball because Escobar's thirty homers homers thirty already yes. The smile is. Se Smile Smile lights up the whole cla bells yeah so I'll ask ask you guys this question if the diamondbacks will make the postseason because blank like I'm not saying you're guaranteeing it but if you if you make it to that wildcard game it'll be because blank who may off. I don't want to put pressure on them. I'M GONNA put it on the two guys we just said because Martin Escobar we're a whole team and it's GonNa come down to our stars the whole bullshit yeah realistically if those two guys keep swinging at Man. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA MAKE X. Factors those guys are I mean. I've seen it time any time again. Just in Cincinnati I mean Marseille the homers he hid and ask you and it's Kinda like if these guys keep it up man. It's going to be tough not to runs or making plays on the filming. Marty's Marti's going from senator so impressive. Those guys are those two guys. Keep swinging man. I feel really good about the chances. Yeah and obviously both of you guys sitting right here. He's he's yeah imagine that you're strikeouts are up this year. I think as a reliever you're already had like a career high and strikers this year. Is that like. Do you think that that's like a stuff thing. Do you think that that's guys they're in like the launch angle mindset where they're all trying to hit homers and you're taking advantage of that like what's the what's the difference. I think it's both at yeah I would say. It's both because there's there's some guys you get your like all right. I just be some guys like man. Those are just really bad swings. Yeah definitely definitely just trying to take me deeds and you read swings. Yeah you have to yeah and then some of us just like hey here. It is yeah here. It is yeah and I feel like there's there's as you kind of like go along the League not allow guys reading swings. Now guys are like all right. He was out on his foot there and then you're just going to be able to defeat depending depending on where we're where we're playing some places don't have TV's and stuff so that you know you do your pre-game meetings but then during the game if there's a TV where you can see like in the bullpen and you can kind of see swings yeah. What are the type of approach guys had but you know when you're not able to do that. It's like on the fly right. Oh pitch it's all right. What was that guy trying to do there. That was a massive swing Yep. What's the situation more trying to accomplish. Is this the guy I'm trying to strike out or my trainee contact right here. How much video guys watching I don't watch time really I'll. I watched it a little bit. You know on some some guys in some areas where like I know I'm trying to guy so make sure that they don't have a high slugging percentage do damage but outside that there's so wash information you guys doing like heat maps. Wasn't it should show you gotta be like I'm a nerd so I am looking. That's stuff and I'll manipulate it anyway. Fit from everything to curve balls of the last eighty one scene he walks less than four percent of the yeah chases this pitch fifty eight percent of means from numbers to percentages. There's everything you could ever imagine. Do you think that there's a such thing as too much and yeah like he because I mean we say this all the time. I don't know how many hitters you've had on this podcast but like if you truly listen to hitters talk like I say this all the time like I'll never get a hit ever again Shit they talk about. They say that they're worried about and trying to cover online. It's nothing you would think of all right. I'm just trying to fill the ball somewhere. Close Zone and you're working inside outside up and down. I'm too old trying to get over the late fall behind you. That's crazy so like I I do either of you because I've seen guys now. Obviously outfielders will carry the card in the back pocket now. I'm seeing pitchers have that in their hat. You guys are never going to get to that point. No that's more of a science thing like yeah because you know a guy even on first base worried about his base coaches stealing scientists -cation nations so you offer you..

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