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Walked away from Lennar. Right. They wanna Jennings Trophy with planner and Thomas Greiss. And now they've got them off. I'm trying member Varlamov fins They play. They play a system, Jeremy, right. It's like we're going to win the Jennings Trophy or whatever we're gonna have a low goes against. And we're not going to have to worry about committing to one goalie to do that. We're going to be fine. No matter who we put in there to an extent, right? Right. Well. The the debate right first up by the way to follow up. Seattle collected 35,000 deposits for season tickets. Wow, in a matter of hours, and that was in 2018. Does it say if it's a one year thing or was there a multiple multiple year commitment does not say what I'm looking at 35,000. Deposits. But you're right about Winnipeg, right? People were buying for multiple seasons at at the beginning, and they weren't They weren't just locked in for one year. So all right to the to the point about the big money goaltender to that age old debate, which You know you of course, Want great goaltending. It's never been about you Don't want your goaltender to be good. It's about you playing a salary Cap league you're trying to find where you can expose inefficiencies and one of the places to do it. Somebody wrote yesterday tossed the attacks. This is not like running back and the answer is my opinion that it is a lot like this it and that's because you can get a really good one for You know one what 20% of the price And then if he's really good, like Grubauer was just really good for Colorado, and now he might want to get paid. So teams walk away from those goals. That's what the Islanders are doing. We're not going to pay money to a goaltender, not big money. Maybe someday they ultimately do. But for now, they haven't so on this debate isn't Montreal walking away from Carey Price? Potentially a big time. Check in the side of you don't want to do that. They signed into that monster contract And then immediately after he lives up to what he was supposed to They think I mean, if you Yeah, If you wanna go to Seattle, man, I mean, best of lock right. Think we That's what it is. And John Shannon. You know what? What? When I pointed out that they're gonna let him go for free, he said. It's not free. They get $10.5 million in cap space. Just the idea that The biggest name at goaltender for the last, However many years it's probably him along with what long Quist. Mcflurry. Yeah. The biggest money, the biggest name the Oh, the guy that that the Penguins complained about last year in the return to play, we don't have to want to have to play Carey Price and then they lost to him. Right. You that guy Montreal just said like, Oh, yeah, that's fine. You can go. Yeah, Good luck. You know if if they ultimately take you, I think it is. It's a running back. It's similar to the running back because of the concept of how much money do you really want to put it? You have to pay a big name guy to be your goaltender. No, you don't. You know, the question is How do you get a goalie? You know, Like, what kind of assets do you used to find your goalie and then? How much would you pay the guy when his contract is due right when a big paydays come, let's say I don't know you pl or Omar? Let's say they re sign all marker. Upl is here in a year, and he takes the starting job and he runs with it. And his contract is up. How much you want to pay a goalie to stick around, You know, Would you go out on the open market and give a bobrovsky contract? Anybody? Well, no, you shouldn't. Because you don't hear Spencer night, Maybe Spencer nights the answer in Florida, Or maybe it would have been Chris Draeger instead. But they went out and gave Bobrovsky a huge contract. Why would you do that? So it is. It is kind of like running back. What do we say about running back? Well, it would be nice to have a really good running back. But you're not going to pay him a ton of money. And guess what? When he walks into free agency, you just go find another running back somewhere. Middle round of the draft. Whatever street free agent you can find another running back. No one ever, says It's not like I feel like people equate a discussion on whether you should pay a goalie $10 million a year that you don't think goalie is important. It's about the cap writes about the cap. It's the value of that contract. We're at places in the cap. What are you doing with defense? And what are you doing with forwards? And where do you put the value? Want a big money? Goaltender? Yes. You need good goaltending to win. Mean the Sabres haven't had consistent goaltending. I don't know Ryan Miller. It's been a while, Um so I understand you need and you know what the worst your team is in front of him. The nicer it is to have a goal who can stone everybody, But it's not an asset. It's not a position where You'd want to say Let's spend $8 million a year just to me. It doesn't make any sense because you can find other goaltenders and you don't need to spend big money to get a guy to come to your roster. It's it's um, I'm not trying to diminish the position. But if I'm paying $10 million give me the top center in the game. Give me the give me Kale Macara or if Rasmus telling turns out to be Kehlmann car? You know, I'd even give me I'll spend big money on a top goalscoring winger. Those Skinner obviously hasn't panned out the way they wanted. I would just spend money in those areas before I'd say I mean, it's trying to think like Dominic Cash if there was a dominant cash today, and his contract came up What would the Sabres do? Do you want to pay that guy $10 million a year and Max out an eight year contract and say, This is the face of the franchise. We're sinking money into that. I just don't think it's a good idea. On Skinner. Maybe hash. It is a bad example cause he's a once in a lifetime goaltender. Do you expect to bounce back from him or something? Well, Can I ask you? What's your What's your definition of bounce back? Can I get 20 goals from him? Yeah. I don't think that's a lot to ask. Do you think you will, though? Yeah. I think he will bounce back is getting 40. No, but I think he's not going to Jack Eichel feeding in parks, which 20 Skinner in that 40 goal seasons, scored all kinds of goals. He was amazing that year and he was on the top line and got a lot of minutes. You know, I know that we talk about Skinner like he has to be the worst contract in the sport..

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