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On I want to look forward today in talking to my good friend and my good brother Charles Ellison. He'll be here with us today. And so we look forward to hearing from him. But most importantly, I'll be talking to you some of the headlines of. The day that we are going to deal with is Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh has it is come out that Cavanaugh who is slated to be the next supreme court appointee from President Donald Trump, or as they call them forty five or they call him the orange, man, whatever you whatever your flavor, your tastes Cavanaugh has a sexual assault. Allegation that has been alleged alleged alleged on him just as happened to many of you have been watching the news it just happened last weekend. Now, the conversation is and and I and I I want to know what you think about this. 'cause you know, I'm from Detroit and the thirteenth district congressman. John Conyers was forced. To resign. From his congressional seat, the oldest longest serving black. Congressional Representative was forced to resign his seat by Democrats and Republicans. Let me get that straight because I don't want. Nobody get that mixed up say, oh, what are you? What are you? The Repub Democrats and Republicans say, no. Con use you have sexual allegations on you. You've been me too. And he was forced to resign. Good better ugly. Whether you believe he should have or shouldn't have he did now fast forward to two thousand eighteen September nineteenth. Cavanaugh has not jumped out of the rent the running. He has not said I am not worthy of being appointed. Because of these sexual allegations. Everybody has had to resign because of allegations. Everybody has had some type of difficulty in going forward in their business. Whether they were in media media whether they were anywhere else because of allegations notice highlight underscore italicized allegations. Now, whether these allegations are true or they're not true everyone has had to deal with them by resigning. So my question today is should cavenaugh do the same thing. Obviously people believe he should do the same thing. I'm sure I'm sure believe he should do the same thing. And I believe anyway, when you have did do these things to do with them and move on so Kevin to deal with them and move on. Now, I want to go to Chicago. The Chicago officer who pump sixteen bullets into the calm down is facing trial for his murder. But what we see happening in the case. And I'd certainly want to hear from my in audience WVU audience. Now, what we see happening is is the officer Jason Van Dyke ain't on trial. They got the quantum McDonnell on trial. As in. They always like to do as what you have seen even in the media with Botham, gene. Who after they? Arrested the officer. They went into his off. They went into his house through his personal things before he was body was even put in the ground took a warrant. And now they're trying to disperse Berridge his name because there was found some semblance of marijuana marijuana. Paraphernalia. So here we see. Now lukewarm McDonnell is on trial in Chicago. Can't we get Justice? Can we get Justice? If the quantum McDonnell is on on trial rather than Jason Van Dyke is now right doesn't make same system. Doesn't seem to make sense to me. I mean, it's almost like they're always two types of Justice Justice for us Justice for them. African American person or anybody else they get a allegation or allegations sexual allegations on them. They get resigned. They got to resign. Oh, it doesn't matter. It happened thirty five years ago. Well, guess what all of what happened to Bill Cosby was thirty five years ago to I'm just saying if his good for the goose is good for the game. You can't have one set of rules for one and another set of rules father. I'm saying it's got to be equal. So there's much that we've got to deal with today in the news. And certainly we're trying to see where this is going with Kwame McDonald, basically comp his name is coming up too much. His background is coming up too much is too much of everything else. But the main thing, and as I stated earlier, the Botham gene case is also a situation are also looking at another situation where his name is coming up too much, and they are all so trying to disparage his name his character. Did they do this every same time time? Every time everytime and who's to say in the bathroom jeans case, and I know somebody's they will read don't get to get caught up in in conspiracy. I getting into conspiracy. But I will tell you this. The police have been known to plant stuff places. Now, I don't know if this happened in the Botham, gene case, but we do know that it has been known to happen. The number is eight seven seven five three to five seven nine seven. Once again that number is eight seven seven five three to five seven nine seven as we are watching the ramp of the hurricane in North Carolina. All of you, all we need you to support in every which way you can help those folks out. There was a punch that was delivered to that area. Where people have lost things, and we want to be there. We want to be there with them and how them so for them as much as we possibly can to support them. This was a storm like no other as many have said, and as many have been watching alone. There's definitely some issues. They Donald Trump is going there today. We don't know if he flying by or if he going I think he's going in. You know, we we have seen is Donald Trump gonna deal with this like they did with Poder Puerto Rico. We hope not, but I guess. Really all all that. Really matters is is it folks, his friend or not if the governor is is the mayor visited free. And if they want to be loyal all isil mess. You know, everything Donald Trump requires all, right?.

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