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Okay. So the kings kind of roll the dice, and they bring in Harrison Barnes who will likely go back to a a role. That's very similar to what he did in Golden State. It's not gonna get all the touches and shots that he got in Dallas Dallas gets Zebo. I think they're already in the works. Probably a buyout or a wave or whatever. He's he's not really gonna do them. I don't even know if he played a single minutes here, honestly. But they get Justin Jackson Justin Jackson's a kind of a a nice, you know wing player. But here's the bar is pretty pricey player. If he goes back to the reduce role he had in Golden State's but the kings are trying to do something real this year, obviously. And they're not teaching a championship. But I think they're trying to put these young players that they have into an environment where they're chasing something. That's. Hard to tame and build character through that kind of effort to chase something that's really everyone else thinks it's beyond your reach. And I believe that that's a smart organizational pro-choice at times. So but Shumpert tried to kind of play the guy that plays the bigger wing players last time, I think the kings played Golden State. They almost wanted. Justin Jackson defended Kevin almost the entire game ended and was a very respectful effort despite the size disadvantage. Justice Jackson, says Hetty and smart and resourceful industrials player as you're gonna find especially at that age. But how much do you think? Greg Harrison Barnes. You know, being the guy that he's going to defend up during and in the match up worsest, Golden State, east gonna defend LeBron a matchup versus the Lakers easy's gone drawl, those responsibilities and have to live with fewer touches, you were shot attempts, less impressive, stat lines, etc. Do you think the kings are going to do quite well, it was a result or move the needle a little move the needle modestly move the needle a lot? What do you think? I think they've helped them selves quite a bit. Honestly, I think, you know, be leads to sort of play in that starting role the four with Willie colleague, STAN at the five is not, you know, if you sort of plotted out going into the season the best four five combos in the league that would have been kind of down the list, and I think they've overachieved both those guys played pretty good basketball this year, but limited again in terms of options defensively, I think what what really helps Harrison Barnes is going from a team that sort of you know, below the median in the NBA of pace whereas going back to the very very top of the league there sacrimento top two or three pace somewhere there. And they are one of the fastest point teams, Lee and Barnes, really thrived. I think of that environment when he was in Golden State where playing a very very high up tempo game playing on a team that really really lose the basketball. Dallas plays more of a ball guard ball dominant style system when Lucas kind of playing guard, but even when guys like JJ Berea in the you know, on the bass on the court, you know, just to guard, you know, sort of a ball dominant guard type offense that slows it down. I think I think Harrison's going to thrive again now is going to be the player that Dallas would be which is like is he going to be a twenty two twenty three point tonight guy. No, I mean, but I think that he's gonna bring you tremendous value for Sacramento. And I think he's going to thrive in that pay office that plays at a higher pace..

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