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Time to enjoy orchestral music in Virginia and Maryland. The national philharmonic performs Beethoven's 7th this Saturday at strathmore. It's one of those pieces that's in the pop culture. There's several movies like mister Holland's Opus and the king's speech. Music director Peter Gaius, he also invites you to cosmic cycles at Capital One hall on May 11th and strathmore on May 13th. It's our second collaboration with NASA. They have all these fabulous new material from the new web telescope. So they put together a 7 short movies. And we commissioned the Virginia composer, Henry dellinger, to compose a symphony in 7 movements, essentially. Jason fraley W two B news. There's been a lot of talk about just how powerful artificial intelligence systems like chat GPT are becoming. Well, now policymakers are concerned they could be used to intensify scams and misinformation, they're trying to get a handle on it here in Washington, Washington Post tech policy reporter cat is a reports that the Biden administration is exploring a lot of different options to try to regulate these systems, even in the face of government gridlock, she joined as little earlier on WTO. That's a big question right now because it seems unlikely that Congress in this moment where it's deeply divided will move very quickly on regulating AI. So that really puts the ball in the agency's court. And so one of the things we're seeing today is the commerce department say, hey, we want to better understand, is there a way for us to create audits to better test these systems assess if they're making correct claims, they compared the audits that they're considering developing to the types of auditing we see in the financial system to ensure that businesses are making correct statements about their finances. The commerce department has asked the public and industry leaders to weigh in on how it would create regulations that would ensure AI systems work as advertising. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward to rob wood fork. All right, the nationals in a west coach pitching duel with the angels in wouldn't you know it. The first run driven in is by the former national Anthony Rendon, the angels in front now, one nothing as we are in the bottom of the 5th inning in Los Angeles, Josiah gray, the one and only run he's allowed on two hits so far. Shohei Ohtani giving up a hit to the Nats, but four walks for strikeouts for him. The Orioles won a 12 to 8 hit parade with the a's, Ryan mount castle, a career night, 9 RBI that ties the franchise record. It included a 456 foot Grand Slam, the capitals will finish the season below 500 for the first time since 2007 this after losing in Boston 5 to two, it's a result that gives the bruins the NHL points record to go along with the wins record that they broke already earlier this week. And in the NBA play in tournament two 7 seeds up for grabs tonight, the shorthanded Timberwolves leading the Lakers in LA early on and it is Atlantis. I mean, Miami in the Eastern Conference during a date with two seed Boston Saturday. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, rob till I had tonight a toxic fire burns in Richmond, Indiana. That's the east central part of the state, not far from the Ohio border. Officials have ordered people living nearby to evacuate. Stay with us. I was ashamed to

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