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And roundup manacles stayed strictly straw right like the red keep state extremely strong during desert razor stakes. Strong hobbies that for nightwatch. He's there like key card that gets to stay at a busted. I don't think he's too busted because based on the level of is actually a little bit weaker than door now whereas before i thought he was literally better just better than door I mean he freely was out the door and say yes like. It's just. I think he's phenomenal. I think he's just phenomenal it away. That's not going to overwhelm the game. Immediately boaz like if he was out for like two or three turns. You felt like you can win right like now. He's out for two or three years. I got two or three extra cards. That's annoying but it's not like it's usually doesn't destroy you. I think you're slightly underestimating. That but emma agree with the thrust of name. But i still think like if you've got Out for two or three turns. You're still gonna feel pretty good as nice watch player. Sure and if you've out for two or three you're gonna feel pretty. Damn good as the Martell playwright four gold card banking. You pay to play to for Weaker type bits. Bits a trade off you see what Venomous blade he thousand births for the same answers are good against hop. I feel actually feel like a nice less player. You get a little less sad of hop gets killed like a. There's a lot less tension. I think in this car in the sense that like. I think you're more willing to just kind of like throw hobby boy over here to the wolves than you were necessarily Originally because you could just as you said just ride hobday victory in and you can't do that anymore. Which makes him. More expendable Anyway so by the way hub is a redesign an still a card. But not ask a minus whatever reading anniston horrible all right a stronghold its unique non loyal to cost stronghold the north action neil being in stronghold choose defending character till the end of the challenge. That character gets plus strength..

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