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Call to a self instead of trying to grab a relationship the people in your life are GonNa Change. There will be loss and it's okay degrees that it will naturally happen. You don't have to force anything to happen if you try to force anything to happen. You're just GONNA fuck it up because you don't have any power to do that right. We love to think that we can choose anything we want and our thoughts can just create whatever we want but the thing is even if you can create eight it. You're not even examining what you really really truly at the core fundamentally want in your also dismissing the information that the universe has for you right so we can insist that we want that particular person. This is this is the complexity and the simplicity of free will. Yes you're allowed to insist on that. Yes you're allowed to insist that you never think fear thoughts. Yes you're allowed to create your life and insist on those but you don't have all the information you do not have all the information. God The universe spirit. That has the information they will be done has a simplistic beauty to it. Right because it removes responsibility for you to figure out every detail of your life era it removes all the artificial barriers and it's about surrender. It's about the idea that you can't control anything. You can't control all of your feelings. You can't control all of your thoughts. You cannot control the circumstances of your life you fucking certainly cannot control other people and much of what we try to manifest is an attempt to control other people even if we cannot see it is an attempt to control other people and we do that for all kinds of reasons the largest one being other people do affect our lives and and that we want to be able to control our lives. And if we've learned nothing through this we definitely should be learning that we cannot control all of the circumstances of our lives. We have the things that we can. Control are very small like our ability to control. The Universe is limited our ability to control the circumstances of our lives are limited. Our ability to control nature is limited. And there's a freedom in that and it's hard to get to like the feeling of freedom is Kinda hard to get to you and you just kind of have to push through and I don't mean push through I mean I don't push through in the capitalistic sense where we ignore our feelings and we do things we don't WanNa do. We make ourselves do stuff. I don't mean that kind of push through iming you sit with the feeling that sucks you sit with the circumstances you do not love you surrender. Even when you can't figure out how to surrender you accept the fact that you feel hopeless feel Malays or you don't have passion you accept the fact that you're exhausted you accept the fact that your control is limited. Accept the fact that you feel shitty things you accept the fact that you're scared accept the fact that you can't push through we need complete recalibration we have prayed for that regardless of whatever your politics are you have in some way or another prayed for that. There are some traps that we fall into when we're making progress and that's okay. Our lives will look different than we do. Get to make some choices about what that looks like. And we do that by noticing our discontent and shifting accordingly. What I came to at the end of twenty nineteen after spending a year. Really facing that really facing trues and really facing my own personal habits of denial to myself and really facing traps that had fallen into in terms of what I defined as success in how I wanted to live my life. Who I wanted to do that with I came to the point where I surrender to the idea that my only job is to grow my own personal light and to expand my capacity for joy. I came to the realization that my brilliance for the sole purpose of might owned. Joy is the only thing that I have to do because I will be done. Says Okay Universe. I get it. I am powerless in the face. Of Your Knowledge. Right of the information you have. I am too dumb to try to manifest to be trying trying to manifest anything in terms of numbers. Or what's going to work for me or what's can get me to the happiest place or who. I want to be in relationship in terms of the list that I've made desirable characteristics. That could pretend this. Has It has produced people in my life. The list of desirable characteristics has produced people in my life that meet the list characteristics but do not match. I guess would be the word match when you run a life based on values and I'm not talking about rules. I am not about rules right. So what religion calls value is not a value? It is a role there is a difference. Your values are something core to you. Why it matters to you and your feelings can tell you a lot about what that is right. So if you're having a really really really scary feeling so I through two thousand. Nineteen business crashed my relationships Dissolved and.

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