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Treatment. That's eight hundred nine three three seventy five hundred eight hundred nine three three seventy five hundred eight hundred nine three three seven five zero zero ish. Watch news, traffic, and weather. This is NewsRadio WFL a Tampa and x TB HD two Clearwater. Clearwater. Police capture a home invasion, suspect with four legs. Alligator who came into my garage sitting in my kitchen. That's the homeowner calling nine one one police and eleven foot male gator, broken through a kitchen window at Clearwater home Friday morning knocking over a wine shelf, and breaking several bottles attractor, secured, the gator, which has a few minor cuts. It could end up in a private alligator farm. I'm Gordon bird. You can't avoid it. The twenty nineteen hurricane season is here and last until the end of November. Let's all prepare together as we're going to be hit. And that's how we keep ourselves advice from Ken Graham director of the National Hurricane Center, who says, even if a storm only reaches tropical storm strength, they can still be deadly because of dangerous storm. Surge eighty three percent of Italians in the last three years from tropical systems has been from inland flooding says last season Michael taught us just how quickly a storm can intensify. So have your hurricane kit packed and ready to go? All storms. Applies are tax free today until June sixth, Wendy Gershman Miami. More people are visiting call your county in southwest Florida. But tourism officials are worried about where they are staying while the number of visitors in April was up more than seven percent from last year. Hotel occupancy fell by more than one and a half percent council member and hotel, general manager Clark hill says occupancy rates have been down for a while, and it could be a sign more people are using short term rentals found on web sites like Airbnb nearly three thousand people have signed their name on a petition calling for a barrier of some sort to be installed on the sunshine skyway bridge. The move comes as a.

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