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For a company that builds hardware right some of the world's leading hardware for accelerating spunk and I'm curious from your perspective like in that seat of. US Her, but I'm also working for this company that makes incredible hardware. What are you looking for like when you think about your spunk architecture like what are the things that are most important to you when you start to make decisions? Yeah I mean the common thing and Most are looking for better faster cheaper in that order, right? Sometimes, people prioritize those things in the wrong order Mike fast her like cheaper. Better Faster but. Is kind of our our mantra and as you mentioned, right I'm I mentioned earlier I'm an it. INFOSEC. I I don't make money for the company I cost the company money to keep it legal insecure. So I am a customer of spunk and I'm also a customer of Intel I just so happen to work for Intel as as well. So we're constantly looking. To get the the best. Better, performance faster performance out of spunk at a cheaper price point and when I say a cheaper price point whether that's a smaller data center footprint smaller, storage footprint, smaller, set of of servers But again, not at risk of getting lesser performance you know out of the. Software. Yeah absolutely. What I've always been a fan of the idea of you can have good fast and cheap good faster cheap and you get to pick to right. They can't have all three I think it aligns nicely to do what you're I'm curious. Do you have a? Do you have a path where you know in the partnership you're able to take the things that are. kind of your best practices, the things you're learning and hand those back to spunk as as partners. That's something until capable. June. We do yeah we've so you know through our partnership as a company now Intel as a product manufacturing company that the manufacturers. Architecture CPU's storage chipsets.

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