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He has he and radio sports i'm doug brown the top sixteen players on the leaderboard getting ready to teeoff in the final round of the us open in wisconsin brian harmon showing the way at twelve under par leads by one over justin thomas brooks and tommy fleet would and by too old rickie fowler the nba draft he just four days away and tomorrow the celtics in seventy six years are expected to finalize a deal to swap first round picks philadelphia with yet for firstoverall pick lost him would get number three overall and at least one future first round pick espn stephen a smith believes the celtics move will allow them to acquire free agent is shake about twenty two million off his salary allegations as a result you have in excess of twenty to twenty five million and cafes of not more and get talk about getting gordon haywood who starred for red stevens have bought collegiately you talk about getting hit from utah fish oil important as well as they had thomas jimmy butler poured is a with our offer end the rest they believe that will be enough the possibly knock off the cleveland cavaliers for surpremacy within the the carpets so it appears to be something that works for both sides more on this big trade the draft an free agency with me now has sinn brian windhorst and ryan holland's on nba lockdown insiders from five to seven eastern today here on espn on the baseball scoreboard the white sox lead the blue jays one nothing in the fifth game heels off the deal furthers i start in two months the raise lead the tigers who two one in the third logan mars him with a tworun homer indians in twin scoreless in the first auriol's lead the cardinal two to one in the third the dodgers lead the reds five the nothing in the fourth nationals in mets are one one in the fourth the promoter for boxer sergei kovolev kathy deuba says she'll pile of protest tomorrow over andrei ward eight round knockout win saturday night in las vegas cuba says ward hit kovolev with four low blows in that eight round the nhl newest tina las vegas golden knights will make it picks in the expansion draft this week among the players.

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