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The fact that you're finally getting some notice? Yeah, I mean, obviously it's nice to, you know, get some recognition. But, you know, at the end of the day, I mean, like, I've said before, we still got almost 60 games left. So it's early for all that. You know, at the end of the season, if I'm in Iran and receive the award, I'll be extremely thankful. You know, right now I'm just focused on wedding games and continuing to get better. Does you talk with the wisdom and the grounding of like a veteran, which maybe shouldn't be surprising in that you were a four year guy in college. Do you think this benefited you on some level? I mean, I know that sometimes from a draft perspective from GM's perspective and scouts, they look a little suspiciously on guys who stay longer in school because they think well that guy, you know, there's a reason he didn't come out yet. It could be a double edged sword though. And coming out after that much time, you obviously do arrive more mature. Where do you think that has benefited you? I mean, all across the board, I mean, with my nutrition, I mean, just learn how to be a prostitution, sleep habits, you know, study habits, the way that I study the game, where I approach the game, my work habits, you know, I felt like I came into the league and had a lot of those things in place. You know, so now it's just about taking it to another level and, you know, learning the NBA game, the NBA system. You know, I mean, I think the four years in college, I don't know what type of player I would have been. If I were to let record two years three years, I would have had an opportunity. I'm honestly glad that I stayed for all four. I'm sure it's been written about, but what was that? Like were there moments after a year or two year three? Had you considered coming out sooner? What made you decide to stay? Yeah, no question. I mean, after my sophomore year, I led the big 12 and 3% edge and we went to the tournament. I think I was like 12 or 13 twice a game and you know I thought I was ready. I mean, I just went to the USA camp for the year before and I saw the crop guys that were brought into the league and you know I feel like there was a role for me in the so you know I asked my coach like what do you think and it was like, I think you need to come back next year you're gonna be a junior and now be the time to do it. So I watch a year comes around and I tested the waters and you know I was saying around two way you know nothing was looking like I wasn't necessarily gonna get guaranteed money for sure, so if I'm not getting guaranteed money that I need to be called back to school and I get back to school, you know, develop my game a little bit to some people that I can do, but you know I know I can do and the rest is history. What do you think you gained most by tacking on that extra year or two? Where is your game? Where was it on draft night that it wouldn't have been if you had come out one year or two years earlier? Yeah, I mean, I was a pretty much four spacer. You know, role player, my first three years. And my last year, I was on the ball. I was coming off the screen. I was just more complete player. And you know, it's showing now. I mean, I feel like, you know, a complete player now, obviously, I can still improve. Get a lot better and areas, but I'm working towards being a complete player at this level of love. It's interesting because we know everybody's got their own path. Everybody's got to do it their own way and maybe what works for one guy won't work for her next. But I mean, your story is one that I think really does show that like for some players, the longer college career does pay dividends. Whatever you've missed out on the front end in terms of obviously contract, you're gaining in terms of your ability to step right in and play a really important role on what looks like a playoff team, you know, very early in your career. Yeah. I mean, like I said, I can't understand how much our college is there. So I'm super thankful. I got paper because Dixon, you know, tough minded coach that, you know, telling me up and got me ready for 82 games, schedule. And what did it mean in your rookie year to be able to get a taste of the playoffs right off? I mean, you guys had to play your way in. It's looking like you guys might just, you know, you might just get there straight up as a playoff team this time. Did that have a value that like a lot of guys they get bigger roles or whatever else on teams that maybe aren't aren't going to the platform they're going back to the lottery, but you got to actually get meaningful games at the end too. Did that did you get a sense of like what that means for your growth? No question I'm hitting that that's what you worked for. You know, I mean, you don't work for, you know, games and early November obviously those games are important, but the goal of every organization at some point is to win a championship. And you know, obviously getting that black experience in my first year of playing a team like Utah, specifically, who has such unique style has such a good crowd, good atmosphere. You know, I feel like I was really thrown into the fire and it paid huge dividends for my growth. A couple more before I get you out of here, we're recording this on a Friday Saturday night. I believe is the Zach Randolph Jersey retirement, big moment for the franchise and for the city. Do you know do you know Zack at all? And do you have any favorite moments or anything about, you know, just watching him as a fan growing up? What does Zach Randolph mean to you, mean do you think to the grizzlies? Yeah, he grew up only hour and a half, you know, where I grew up from school. Before I knew him as a grizzly legend, I knew him as a, you know, I do for Marriott Indian. It was tough as nails, you know? And obviously he brought that here and you know, out of historic career and has a great legacy and I'm super happy for him. He deserves it, of course. Thankful for everything he's done for, you know, Memphis and for our organization. You know, it's going to be a special night. I forgot, right, right. You guys have the Indiana connection. Has he been a guy who's been in your ear over the years? Has he been an adviser or mentor to you at all? Not too much. I mean, I know of him, and we've had conversations here and there, but we're not super close like that. But yeah, I mean, I just look into him more from standpoint of his, you know, from where I'm from and along career, the yeah, and he's a great guy. It's so funny, Zack is one of those guys who, like, he is just a teddy bear of a person, but obviously he is, he is a different guy on the court and I think he's he's one of those guys I think it's fun like the way that fans got to understand him over the years that like this is a guy who clearly big hearted as well as obviously tough as nails on the court. So that'll be a fun night for all you guys before I let you go. You are in the city known for barbecue. Do you have a go to spot? I mean, you can't go wrong with the barbecue out here. I mean, I've been central barbecue, of course..

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