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Multiple deaths and injuries in a shooting at a church in sutherland's springs texas a trump cabinet members said to be linked to a big energy company which is also connected to russia and its leadership cbs's tom voting leaked documents reported by the new york times and other seem to show president trump's commerce secretary holding onto a gas production invest meant partly owned by russian president putin soninlaw and others in the putin ordered one of them subject to us sanctions the times reports billionaire commerce secretary wilbur ross once controlled the company navigator holdings and remains invested entered a spokesman says he has never met the russians now involved in its major 'ownership president trump is wrapped up his first full day in japan the first international stop on his twelve day asian trip cbs news correspondent stephen portnoy traveling with the president in a speech to some of the fifty thousand us troops stationed here in japan president trump said american result should never be underestimated every once in a while in the past they underestimated as it was not pleasant for them was it over nearly two weeks of meetings in five countries mr trump aims to bolster us trade in the region and rally allies against north korea hilmi here tomorrow with families of japanese citizens held captive by the kim regime steven portnoy cbs news with the president in tokyo shaleen flag again wins the women's new york city marathon today the first woman to clock the fastest time in forty years ahead of mary kettani of kenya peanuts than a tough week for new yorkers and tuffey fire nation n i thought what about our guest than to.

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