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Just went off the field. So those two are not the same is again has it now third and one from the seven you would think that that Indiana and Tom Allen who runs their defense. He's got to assume the Michigan is going to put the ball shaped pattern. Persson's hand here and let him try to make a play. They we've had some openings the guys in the end zone. And we've misfired I I don't know that we'll do a running play here. Jim. I I I wouldn't think. So I think I think you're right. You put Patterson on the run and. Yeah. Put him on the edge. And if he wants to let Patterson be the guy to tuck, it Chuck it away and take off with or read option thing where you you know, you fake the ball to the running back in. This instance, it would be. Ben Mason who is in the pistol behind Paterson. Oh, michigan. And the. We bought them in the middle of a substitution. They're playing chess now Harbaugh and Tom Allen who runs the defense. And then here's the other thing. The tight ends for Michigan have been the big play guys in this. Well, here's is that where you go on this. Well, here's the problem for Indiana. When we run out our three tight end formation. Okay. Normally that's a beef lineup where you say you're gonna pound the ball, with the exception of the fact that mccune gentry and Eubanks or all gifted receivers. And just because they're in the game doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to be some sort of a a high-powered run coming at you with with Ben Mason and power football could very well be spread those guys out and throw the ball. But set the scene twenty four seconds left to go first half here in Auburn, Indiana with his Freising seventeen fifteen lead over Michigan. But Michigan now has it. Third in one on the Indiana seven yard line. Why I wish we had one of those timeouts back. Don't you? Yes. Oh me too. We had to take an offensive one in the first quarter. Like we have done so many times this year pistol formation Patterson with Mason behind him. They give it to Mason and Mason on the run pounds it over the five to the poor. But that means the clock runs the first down stops it. But the clock will start running immediately. Patterson gets immediately up to the football. They go. Shotgun running now, sixty seconds. Patterson waiting for the snap. Gets the snap. Looks left. Throws the ball is caught which sort of the first down and tackle inbounds, seven seconds left. They've gone. A spike the ball four three two. And they're not gonna get it spiked in Michigan's gonna miss the opportunity to score. An Indiana is going crazy on the sideline hurry, signaling. That's it. Halftime is over. Let's go down to the sideline. What happened right there at the end is the empire dropped the ball. He was trying to spot any drop at rolled into the end zone. It took a few seconds to go get it. And that's why they couldn't go man Harbaugh's gotta be beside himself. That's on his that's on the officials problem. He dropping the ball like that the pack touch blew the whistle. I thought they were going to stop the clock to allow. Spotted, but he just flat out drop it. He dropped the ball and two seconds. Ran out the clock. Had he placed it properly Michigan probably could've clocked it and gotten one more snap off as it is. They don't and both teams head to the locker room. Michigan trailing seventeen. Fifty the Indiana bench at wind up clock wet zero you it looked like they just won the Rose Bowl. They were jumping up and down their head coach, hugging his assistance. What that is a football team that is sky high right now, there's a lot of confidence on the Indiana side line. Here's the question. Then you talked about it a little bit in the Michigan locker room Jim Harbaugh Senator earlier this week sometimes when he goes on the defensive staffroom the paint's peeling off the walls from what Don Brown does coaching his team up. What do you think's going on in that Michigan locker room? I think Dodd Brown's leading the defense habit. Either get Warrener's leading the offensive line, Abbott. And I. I think Jim Harbaugh is sitting with shape. Patterson going J that wasn't your best effort put ball. You..

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