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Yeah here's how you doing on the show tonight Justin Moore he just got here fashion as well what he's wearing and why we do for you hold on I never yeah yes CMT after ninety eight he that same on you CMT Cody Allen with the crew and I it's just more anytime he stops and with this quarter is on I'm not I'm in man my what makes fun of me so much because I love corporals I liken to them because they're looser than them Jane's tender warmer and it's freezing outside right the phone sales yeah I'm found some some wrangler one's a couple years ago I was up all I ever color then so back in trouble for an unlocked at the wrong time of the year you know you're supposed to wait till something and I'm K. away like you can't wear those yeah it's so cold in Arkansas and national right now than these this is the perfect time to worry is and that's what some might say they are you making a fashion statement that Jack I'm like now this is the biggest Jack and I can find on the so is there a fashion statement with the beard is what I want to know that's another one a okay I do this every year during deer season but I I just started a little early this year how can I miscalculated when we were going to start our time all and so I got down the road with its not that one Krampus CMA's I got to do this or that but I'm not I'm just gonna leave it this year and so I do I do it for deer season every year but I think some done going through some kind of midlife three midlife crisis or something who cares what we think is really what K. things right and she loves it when he does not like a look disgusting I'm not gonna lie to you I look at myself like a hand looks kind of gross man that she loves is begets may yes server noun and one otherwise out again and I don't want to ever lots we get to with the just the more on the way including why Justin drinks coming up posted coast Cody's on online CMT after.

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