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Welcome back david greenspan allen stern with us we'll take your calls as well as we talk about chasing new horizons david how did they keep this spaceship warm enough to function way way out there well and that is one of the challenges you know there there's so many things that have to be maintained just right over that long journey and one is you know they're the thermal thermal control is one of the you know there's a whole area of engineering in spacecraft design and function which is you know paying attention to how hot and how cold things are and you know they they there's a nuclear power source generating electricity and you know you have to make sure that everything is kept in just just the right temperature range but you know there there there is power and there's also you can do a lot with just paying attention to the orientation of the spacecraft and you know what's facing the sun and what's facing away and you know it's basically just something that you monitor and and it's it's an aspect of operating the spacecraft's keep keeping it in the right temperature range so everything can can function correctly let's go to the calls here's bill in west hartford connecticut and gentlemen he is an amateur astronomer but he's probably a pro by now hey bill go ahead s hi joyce hi it's a great pleasure to be on your show again allen and david in addition to being an amateur astronomer i've been a member of bill nye's planetary society since the nineteen eighties dr carl sagan was part of it so i'm i'm an expert on a space science and space exploration and i have two great questions for you the first one is on the european trace gas orbiter that's an orbit around mars now looking for methane in conjunction with what you mentioned earlier in this show regarding curiosities findings today that was put out by nasa today and the second question about the role clipper mission to go out to jupiter to orbit uber and fly by many times the moon europa i has to buy question has to do with the lander potential lander on it so question number one do you know if the hopefully if they trace gas orbiter has the ability does it have the ability to distinguish methane assuming i'm saying this correctly chemically carbon twelve.

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