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Are we have so much news for you tonight we could actually use two hours but we're going to take one we have an infuriating opening segment four you congress get this is spending your money to cover up sexual harassment suit since we started this reporting there's been a lot of attention on this unusual process and there have been hearings in this is actually something that it appears democrats and republicans sort of agree upon that this needs a fresh look and some changes the first thing that happened is the house and senate both said we need to have mandatory sexual harassment training because before it was just voluntary and we got the impression that not a lot of offices were actually putting their staff and their members through this training so now i didn't do it and that's not unusual right now it's going to be required that all senators house members and their staffs go through this training so that was the first thing that happen we cannot and we will not tolerate that kind of behavior that's why representing a bar barbara comstock said legislation were doing this week is important it requires lawmakers staff and interns to complete mandatory training in workplace rights and responsibilities each session of each congress it's an mp second thing that happened is that there were hearings that that there were held in are being held on whether to change this very unusual process at the office of compliance it does appear that there that there is the will to do that that that there will be some changes made to make it easier for staff to come forward with complaints seeing this and i do really believe that this is a watershed moment and we need to take this opportunity to really fundamentally change how we address this and congress but also beyond the last thing is that there's all this focus now on these secret settlements that are paid out again they don't happen a lot but when they do happen they're totally secret we don't know which house members and which senators have been.

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