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With a teenage student numerous times in the Davidsonville in Edgewater area the charges against the thirty seven year old and include five counts of sex abuse of a minor in a statement school superintendent George R. Lotto says the charges quote sicken me to my core Martin was removed from her teaching job last month and reassigned county police want to hear from other possible victims or anyone with information about this case Michelle bash WTOP news a federal grand jury has indicted the former chief of prosthetics and orthotics at Walter Reed national military Medical Center court records indicate David Lau for pleaded not guilty to five counts this week of making a false statement the US attorney in Maryland says sixty three year old Pittsburgh resident failed to report traveling tickets to sporting events that he got from a company that supplied prosthetics and orthotics to the hospital authorities say allow for was required to disclose outside income sources greater than two hundred out two hundred dollars travel related reimbursements or other gifts worth more than three hundred fifty dollars astronaut Christina cook back on earth today after nearly a year aboard the international space station it is the longest space flight ever by a woman now after three hundred twenty eight days in space and one hundred and thirty nine million miles for Christina cook and two hundred one days in space eighty five million miles for the apartment on a and Alexander scored twelve the exhibition sixty one crew is officially home masses Brandi dean there cook touchdown early this morning with two crewmates and Kazakhstan she smiled and gave a thumbs up and support crew members helped her get out of the capsule and placed her in a chair for a quick post flight check up along with the crew mates Russian space officials say the astronauts appear to be in good shape wow fantastic seventeen year old know what Johnson is the youngest east sports player to win the Madden challenge and now the de matha high school senior from high it's mill preparing for the Madden NFL twenty bowl in April with the price of two hundred twenty thousand dollars last week know what Johnson a delicate city beat the professionals winning the coveted Madden championship belt a thirty five thousand dollar top prize and a berth in the upcoming bowl I was on cloud nine I mean it was insane when in the bell I was too excited the Madden bowl is scheduled April twenty third and Johnson is spending plenty of time getting ready I've thought a lot of time into it and try to perfect my craft so I mean I just keep I always practice and try to be the best besides being a championship game or no was on the DeMatha baseball team and his hopes are high that he'll win the Madden bowl in April how can you think you're going to win if you don't have confidence in yourself securely on WTOP news it's eleven fifty four there is an upside to downsizing Dave Johnson here there's an upside if you do what I did and connect with Jennifer young I know you probably have as many questions as things you have to sort through so if you're planning.

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