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I got a message to jeopardy then. In crisis name all Shelby done, and you know. That's pretty simple. I don't really know why you're doing or all that. But it's very it's very very simple. And here's your message. If you wanna know what you need to know you need to go to God. I'm just the messenger. That's all. I am. But that's your message and. Advisers, though. Ever. He asked. Right. Rick. Thanks for the call a your response to that. Jeffrey. Well, I I know that Rick is probably a busy, man. And he he's up late there on the east coast. I really appreciate him listening to the program. And I appreciate his heartfelt advice and admonition to me. Yeah. Let's go back to new cosmic knowledge. What what point did you develop this strategy, this technology will? And was it something that you kind of develop quickly or did it take many months many years for you to come up with this has kind of a coping mechanism. No, it took many years. I mean, when I talk about the, you know, the development of spiritual technologies, those are something that a lot of times, you have problems and you react to them in certain ways. And sometimes that doesn't work then all of a sudden you react to a situation in a certain way. And it does work and you think oh, well, maybe I'll try that again. And over the years, you start finding things that happen that you can respond to with certain ways, and you can find a high degree of success. So now to me, a spiritual technology is just simply something that works and that anyone can apply it in anyone can use it. And that's really kind of the where the rubber meets the road for me is trying to do things that practically help people on a day to day life basis. And again, if people wanna learn more about these kinds of things you can go to the YouTube channel Jeffery has. But thousands of videos that you put together they're also team hundred so far nineteen hundred. That's amazing. Also your website. It's Jeffrey Dougherty dot com. I'll spell it out. It's J E F F R E Y D A U G H E R T Y Jeffrey, Dougherty dot com. Jeffrey also has a number of books out books on a variety of subjects. We've talked about extra schism. He has done a book about the final. Message of the last apostle assault on Aquarius. The Mandela fact and also rocket man, the crazy life and work of L Ron Hubbard Jeffrey, it's been fascinating of really enjoyed our conversation. It's flown by over the last two hours. We thank you for being with us. Likewise, bruce. It's been my pleasure and honor and to be here and share this time with you and your great gas. All right. Thanks, jeffrey. We appreciate your time. And. Continued good luck to you. As you continue your fine work as a spiritual counselor and healer. We'll take one more break as we get set to wrap up tonight show. We'll be back with a preview of our scheduled for the next couple of nights. And a reminder about our website and our Facebook pages. You're listening to beyond reality radio. Don't go away..

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