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Tin districts that each of them represent they are both retiring they're open seats the advantage of incumbency goes away democrats have these circled says like i do on this map right now and there's a couple others this year the democrats have gotten here this is dave reichert republican not running in washington and a clinton district ross layton in there in florida not running in a clinton district martha mixed tally today she said she is going to run for the us senate that means she's not running for the house in the clinton district so that is five clinton district republicans who aren't going to be running in 2018 those are big juicy targets were democrats and if you expand this out a little bit we been show me the clinton districts have about districts that trump won but barely won and they'd have republicans and that's what you're looking at here and you got two more retirement so far to more retirements from this tear and if you expand it one more up member democrats there say maybe it could be a we've election if it's a wave election this comes into play trump won these republican districts but by single digits less than ten points in a can you get who more retirements years or two here too in the one i showed you a minute ago five in that frontline you got nine total now nine republicans not running in districts was either trump lost were trump won competitively so again 2004 as the overall target but they got nine right now the democrats are looking at two more just this week they say boy those are ones in a way we should be flipping in of course the big question right now you had to this week in these districts we still got a lotta time between now and primary season the general election will there be more republicans who look up and say you know what i don't like had 2018 looking i'm not going to run it was just gonna say.

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