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But that's okay it's okay it may to may help my streak credit in some small way i think they are beautiful beautiful dogs if that makes you feel any better beautiful dogs they they they are they are beautiful gotten lin on mike a perfect physical representation of meat but i'll take up you offer it's all good no catch so it's it's all good thank you bob costas did you know you had no idea that after when you were what when you were informing jay leno i had no idea who were also informing bob costatini no india and bob costas i can only call you buy your first and last they are now so if we mean person it will be hello bob kraft his you must know that i'm ready for yuklum decker while i would say bob costas stay but we're out of time bob well thank you rich eisen a thinks begs body so let's bob call his surprise there you go wow i never talked we've never competed i wish rain i would love to say now here's billie jean king on the phone right now but you're now that didn't happen but gil could've gone bobby riggs did you guys not think that i didn't even that socials wrong the no we don't even think of that if younger kostas so rightly causes rayak rochon is that how you refrain isn't highway is inhalants used bob costas this is first name in roddick as his last name so custom though that and they're like hello we have bob costas radic ready for pick up and yeah i by at us this evening and i feel like i love real bob costas because i love my dog so much i feel like i know him while.

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