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Repair is celebrating twenty five years in business. So call them today at eight hundred five three eight three five one four or visit a one concrete dot com. Dot com. Oh, you're thinking about a new roof consider eastern Michigan distributors for your shingles? And supplies family owned and operated eastern, Michigan distributors has become one of largest suppliers of roof shingles in southeast Michigan over the past. Sixty years eastern welcomes homeowners and contractors alike, offering you wide range of roofing, siding gutters. Lumber materials. Visit one of their showrooms today to see their over forty colors styles of shingles open six days a week for your convenience, Detroit and Southfield come in and see them today or visit eastern Michigan distributors dot com. Invest your tax return or bonus. Where at that is most your home take advantage of the hard rock stoneworks two for one special via beautiful new kitchen countertop and get a second room free with thousands of remnants to choose from. They have the vessel action in Michigan, granite, marble and more. Call five eight six five three two seven seven six three or visit hard rock stoneworks dot com. Hi, I'm Mike current from Kerns brothers. We always believed we could make a difference in the roofing industry. And if we have we know it's because of you our clients returning clients because of people you referred as to whether it's roofs, siding windows, you demanded the best for your home. And we've demanded the best from us. Find us at curves brothers dot com or visit our showroom in Dearborn or our new showroom inclu for thirty years since nineteen eighty six as just not eight on the side of the truck. That's my name. We're Kerns brothers. This is Jonathan Roberts with.

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