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Yes oh my goodness the rivalry between douglas and lincoln. It was it was. It was big. Wow so. Mary actually met lincoln in eighteen forty when she was twenty one and he was thirty one. She was definitely smitten with him. I mean after all he was tall and gangly now but he was a very kind man. That's what they all said about him. when abe proposed to mary she accepted even though her family didn't really like him because he was poor and didn't really have much political prospects. I would love to say that everything went perfect after that but it really didn't. They had a different kind of relationship all throughout their relationship. There was definitely loved there but there was definitely This they were just completely different people at times So in eighteen forty one linkin broke off the engagement. Wow i go back. And forth calling him. Abe abraham lincoln and lincoln. So you know your close friends now each time to milazzo so some say that they got got back together shortly after the break But others say that they didn't get back together until eighteen forty two. Whatever the case is they got married very fairly quickly. After getting back together they married on november fourth to both mary and abe were considered abolitionist. Which meant that they. sought the immediate and full emancipation of off slaves. Mary was probably an even bigger believer in this than abe but a became famous for the stance on slavery fairly early on in his senate election against stephen a douglas that a blast abe with his new found fame really pushed himself to be successful to be a successful springfield lawyer during this time. Mary supervised their ever-growing house. They did have four children overall. They had robert todd lincoln. They had Eddie or edward. Baker lincoln william wallace lincoln willie. And thomas lincoln tat. Mary was often left alone for months at a time to raise children. While abe was off being circuit lawyer in eighteen fifty ten months before the birth of willie..

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