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Today we are fortunate to have our full crew of raiders writers Peter's joining the show. I'm your host. Heidi thing and I have in Studio Mile. Simmons and Adam Hill and on our hotline Vinnie. Bonsignore the raiders beat writer. We're we're also going to have our business editor Rick Vlada joining us today. He's going to stop by and drop down an update on the stadium construction. I know a lot of you want to know what's going on there so so we're going to bring you up to date in store also. We're going to talk a little bit about this championship. Game between Ellison Clemson and see who the raiders might be looking at from these teams and we know Raider nation is not pleased right now with. Tom Blurs being passed over for the hall of fame. We're going to get into that. But first we have to get into some of the comings and goings for the raiders There's reports right now. That Brenston Buckner. We'll be like. Oh the Raiders Defensive Line Coach and replaced by Rod Marinelli Vinnie. What updates do you have for us on this as this actually happening For.

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