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Well, as we know, all eyes will be on tomorrow. Tomorrow is what usually counts, although there is rain predicted on Sunday, so we could see a bit of a mixed up race. If you were listening to the Sunday Night podcast after the Spanish Grand Prix, you might have heard Luke and I, having a bit of a discussion about Monaco, I am have not historically been a fan of racing here. I think I've described it as almost like a messy divorce between Monaco and Formula One in that Formula One has gone in a direction that's different from what's needed to have good racing around here. Now, I went trackside for the very first time and I can definitely say unquestionably, I have never witnessed Formula One, like it. It will be moments that stick with me for sure, but what I'm always concerned about is it's all well and good at saying that. We get amazing access. The experiences that you don't get at home and isn't translated at home and I know that the TV broadcast is something that is criticized a lot around monetary because it's a different company that usually takes over it's a local monegasque company that is running the world feed this weekend. So I do want good racing. I want it to be a really, really good weekend. Not just because I'm here and I would like to experience it for myself. But Luke, what are you expecting from tomorrow? The arguably the most important day in Monaco. Most important day in Monaco, but I think also one of the most exciting days of the entire Formula One season. I think that when you hook a lap up in Monaco, I say it's like I know this, but I don't. It's the drivers of who I've spoken to. They all say that when you hook up a lap in Monaco, it really is unlike anything else. It's an amazing exhilarating experience, gasly said that he can sometimes do an absolutely perfect lap, and it only be good enough for 5th or 6th. So he said, if it's the fight for pole position, I can't imagine what that buzz is like. Fernando Alonso he said he's had perfect laps here and they've not been his poll app. So it is, I think it's why you see the drivers at the absolute best and peak of their powers in formula, which is very exciting. But as you do, rightly, say, Jess, that does not lend itself to exciting race. I think that's something that we've all come to expect in Formula One over the years. We know that Monaco Sundays and maybe not the highlight of the season. But yeah, who knows a bit of rain could spice things up potentially Pierre gasly he spoke on Thursday said that a bit of rain he just thinks of 1996 when Olivier panis on Felicia, so who knows maybe some drama can strike once again, but yeah, I think that as much as Monaco Sunday may be a bit of a snooze fest, I think Monaco Saturday is one of those must watch spectacles in Formula One. It really is an incredible scene to see the drivers of the absolute limit and going for it around these streets. All right, well I will the jury's out until Sunday. Maybe you're here. Well, you will hear of it because both Luke and I will be on the review podcast on Sunday, but until then, stay tuned, we'll be back tomorrow to give you all the happenings from qualifying around here tomorrow night and until then we'll see you next time..

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