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Face moping, very like eastern medicine is that a real thing possibly Oma acne happens a lot of the time in the in Gialle line. You know, you can have an acne and other areas of the face that can be linked to other things. But yeah, I don't generally go based off of any kind of face mapping per se. Okay. Yeah. Good to now. So for people who cannot afford to get facials all the time. Do you have anything they could do at home? That would be like some kind of hacker like something that would be similar. Yeah. It's hard. Because a lot of the things we do in the office, we use machines and a quick moment. And there are things that you really don't have access to at home. But what I recommend a lot of the time for people who count for to come in regularly as come in. Once we'll do console. You know, give me a budget. I can recommend a skincare regimen for you based off that budget, and the we can include some masks and things that you can do on your own at home. I actually just did on Instagram. I posted on my stories on Sunday like a facial and added a link for the steamer that I use. And it's obviously it's not the same as an in office treatment, and it's hard because I don't really recommend doing extractions at home on yourself because that often leads to you know, like finger surgeries that can end in scarring and just mad news all around. But if if you can get a little steamer and do a couple of masks at home, you can at least get a little bit of the benefit of a professional treatment. Definitely that's good to know with extractions. What what is the? So if you're not supposed to do in extraction on a pimple. What's the best thing to do? Just let it live. If you have a cyst don't touch it ever nothing. Good will come that. If you have a white head like if few of lake up, pus filled white hoods, earnings gross. But I don't expect anyone it is life. I don't expect anyone to be like, yeah, I'm going to go to my job with a pus filled. Yeah. Pimple on my face. Yes. Grow said everyone wants to pop when they see it. Yes. So what I recommend is doing like a warm compress with a towel clean the area with alcohol wrap your hands with cotton. Make sure your hands are clean, and then really gently apply pressure like two or three.

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