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I've been attacked spy indiana center. The you know the pitch you know. Without would allan evans and and What's her name. I ignored doing such a good job. In jimmy and goal. You know you know a much underrated keep you know. He'd been around long time. Yeah he hasn't played a lot of games. Not many faith vision games particularly you know when he was at the united but he was he was a solid. Keep it jimmy a good good and you know. He was good to someone like him. Do you know as a defended a to defend is allan evans. Candidates say that. I've the right goalkeeper behind i someone news Experiences and jimmy watson toke. cna within we've vital you know so So that was. That was good that we we. We kept that's the spine right down. The middle rarely most of the time Still always on the outside but overall yeah you know this season seizing came to an end. awesome which is we all know now with the one about interested in days especially when will lose two nil and end with with five minutes to go with would play in the game and all of a sudden. There's a tremendous. Suppose coming from the five we were a nut so buying you know in the you know the as such a crowd in that the eight we get near the end of the game and i'm looking over and i'm saying what's happened in the findings old cheered and all shouted and they're all getting ready to come onto the pitch. You think what's happening. Because i wasn't even thinking about tiled nick gave. That wasn't that was in the back of my mind all all. We were concentrating on. We we we this game against. Also you know and We knew that we had more games to play anyway. But but the one-star sound started coming towards you know in you know looking at the bench and signals coming on the say. You know unswayed he tells the story where he he was telling me not long ago. You know being a fullback. He goes spectacle all of you know. Take throw in. I'd someone shouted onto radio too busy so my show you know with about three or four minutes to go in. Kennedy's now thinking holiday. We we've got it. We've got it you know and.

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