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To play some more force it too, but Justin said, I've been playing mostly halo right now, which I love. So as I look back in the year, TikTok, I think I've played 42 games this year for a significant amount of time. I spent a few hours into them. So in roughly the order I played them, I'm including cyberpunk and monster train here, even though they're released of tail end of last year. I played them into January and finished them January. So I glued them here. Then it was hitman three, cyber shadow, 8 bit NES style, ninja guy like little nightmares two, I play God of War again because they did the next gen pass for it. But Skyrim for the first time since it was released for a couple weeks. Narita boy, which didn't really click with me. Undermine, also in game pass. Dungeon puzzles on switch. Put your attention to Yakuza like a dragon. We all played it this year even though it was out last year. On world soul storm, which was on GSB cross S genesis edition, return on. Rain on your parade, which I thought was kind of silly, but my nieces liked to watch me play it. BioMed Resident Evil Village, disco elysium, ratchet and clank rift apart, mushi, Hemi sama, classic cave shooter, which came to switch, death's door, cotton reboots, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the ascent, axiom version two, Star Wars Jedi fallen order again. Because the next gen patch goes to Tsushima again, Griff lands, psychonauts to ESP alluded to, which we don't really know how it's supposed to be pronounced. Zoom world, death loop, far cry 6 metroid dread, Castlevania advanced collection. Tabs or totally accurate battle simulator, which came to game pass this year. For tourism 5, Guardians of the Galaxy blaster master zero three and halo infinite. Which I think is everything that I played this year. Incredible. For a significant amount of time. It's kind of interesting I played all those games and then one other, which I can't remember right now. So I won. You won. Okay. Oh yeah. Yeah, Damon, I think you've played double. I've been trying this year to keep track of everything that I've been watching across movies and TV and playing in games, and I just did a quick count. And I think it's about 22. So I think you doubled the amount of game time that I had this year. Well, I also did my own time well spent. You also played old games. I didn't got time for that. I'm fine with playing old games. I just did my own genre breakdown for everything I played this year. So 33% reaction venture games. See, 12% were retro platformers and other 12% were RPGs. 10% were arcade shooters, 10% were puzzle games. 5% were weirdo indie games, 5% were card battle games and 5% were first person shooters and 2% were racing driving games. That's just Forza. Basically. Is it a 100% daily games? These are a 100% daily games. It's true. Absolutely. Damon. Yeah, I was gonna say, I don't know that I would think of a shooter as a daily game right off the bat. Yeah. Like it's halo infinite, a gaming game. Hey, infinite is turning out to be a damning game, for sure. Turns out to be turning out. How does that change its so much? The list of games that I finished this year is quite a bit shorter. Only 8 games. I finished cyberpunk, hitman three, monster train, which Jesse can finish and I've done multiple times. Residential village, ratchet and clank rift apart, God of War. Again, Guardians of the Galaxy and psychonauts too. I'm deep into halo on. Those thoughts you beat that beat. It's actually finished. Wow. All right, are we done with a dame stats yet? Yes. But now it's time to hand out some awards. Oh man. Is there something you should have gotten our own mailed packets so we can not exactly what I was just going to say. If I had thought of it, I should have mailed you something. Remember when we had the novelty giant envelope? Yes. Yeah, of course. What if Damon didn't tell us what he was mailing us? And I just opened an envelope that just said squid game.

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