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I don't wanna lawsuit against me. What would the lawsuit be based on? Oh, maybe she might claim something like defamation or something like that. Well, any I if I recall correctly, you have a law degree defamation is a very hard case to prove against a public figure. But it's easy to just get somebody in court and goes in them forever and core. Well, she can you for in court, whether you call her whatever name you call her or not. Well, the the the validity of her claim has nothing to do with whether she can do she and quarter. The point is she needs to be removed because she's mentally not not. She's not all there. Are you saying she's nuts? Yeah. I'm saying she's nuts and saying she see now, I mean, anybody can look at her for five seconds any doctor could watch her on video for five seconds to tell you that. She's she's completely bonkers. This. This woman is is she's gets a friend. Nick. She's got a wok. Schizophrenia. Well, I I went to college psychology. And she claims that she she claims walls. Don't work me Walser. Giving their bad and she's got one around to room compounds. So that proves that she doesn't know what she's talking about Doug decided to get together mission group, and we're going to go help her move that. Well, she says is so detrimental to her at her house. Any sheep? She might have a bigger problem with you trying to remove the wall residents than calling her names. Well, I've heard her say it was bad it needed to go down. Was she talking about somebody else's wall? That would be a double standard. Now. Wouldn't it? Is that a rhetorical question? Yeah. I mean, everybody knows the answer to double standard. Mark you down as not happy with the speaker at this point because I'm just marking check in which box. Yes. She can Mark me is not happy with the speaker. Anything else? I think that Doug. I've heard w Joe still several different stories. I've heard him. I've watched him on video of what he stated of risk quotes on AL dot com. And he said and millions insisted he the voters of Alabama support. A while they want him to vote for some kind of sensor while I think a sense would be good because you can see through with a big tall anchor sense. Would they signed with me that would deter ninety nine percent? You don't want any wire on the top because that would hurt the wildlife. It would harm the birds to no wire on the top. No, especially barbed wire. Out seen. Pardon? What about concertina? Oh, I've seen pictures of birds and bats tangled up in barbed wire, especially Berge, and I don't wanna hurt Burs upright a bird sanctuary. My sale. Sort of sad by national wildlife federation. Title enough. If you want to make a real short since that would be a temptation to put wire at the top because otherwise people would jump over it tall enough. Just a regular anchor sense. Oh. You know, what the? Oh jumpers do help. What's the maximum? You can do with poll job. Personally. An inch taller than that. Let me ask you this. If you were building a wall. That was high enough that the only people could get in. Would be the world's greatest pole. Vaulters why not build that minus an inch? And then the only ones that would get in. We could put on the Olympic team. Is there that good? They'll get in without having to jump any sense. What if we was to bust up bottle glasses and put it on the top glue that down? Now, you don't want anything that's going to hurt the bars. But it's tall enough. You don't need any what why are any can how dumb does a bird have to be to come and lay in coming in and land on busted up bottle. Well, if they are getting hurt on barbed wire, they could get hurt on anything. That's sharp. So. Brain. Well, I love birds. But if we do too tall, I reckon a bird fly into it. Well, see it in fly over it. Well, why wouldn't they see the barbed wire? I heard an old chicken here, and I had to tell the chicken had enough system to fly over the saints and they're selling flying to it. He used to fly up to the top. And he would purchase player. He was cute. What happened to him? Hide it, but my German shepherd guide him. Oh, well, why don't we just put German shepherds on the wall? Then. Yeah. You could put a bunch of dogs out there. But that would take a lot of dogs. I'm sure we could breed them. The dogs would help every little bit helps there's not any one thing. It's an algorithm of a combination of things a certain order. What is the order dog.

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