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All business technology advisors can recommend Taylor security solutions like servers storage networking plus right now get forty five percent off select business computers with Intel core processors to speak with a dell small business technology adviser today call eight seven seven by dell that's eight seven seven by tell fighting vehicle rolled over a bridge and into a stream the cause of yesterday's accident is under investigation three other soldiers were injured Arizona game and fish officials are recommending a rabies shot to a woman who was bitten by a javelina near her Tucson home last night they described the woman as a habitual feeder of have a Lena and it's believe she was giving them table scraps it's illegal to feed wildlife and team up and Alan Maricopa county's violators can be fined as much as three hundred dollars and Wells Fargo has increased the World War to ten thousand dollars for the so called lunch break bandit linkedin nine Arizona bank robberies this year many of those holdups occur at lunch time I'm Donny G. K. N. S. T. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk this report is sponsored by break Max from the casino del soul the soul to sun traffic center the drive dealing with a crash on average valley road at el Paso gas road watch for that also you've got some road work going on take Verde wrote it take over in a loop that wants it causing a lot of delays in that area those restrictions are gonna last and tell may I'm Brian Levin Kay an S. T. A. M. seven ninety if.

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