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Cover, with lows falling to the low to mid forties. Tomorrow high near 60 but cooler lakeside From the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Coke Meyer rowdy and 55 right now. Widow here 54 At Midway. It's 54 in Waukegan and 55 along the lakefront Your money on WGN Shares are mixed in Europe and Asia today after strong corporate earnings. And data lifted stocks on Wall Street yesterday as we look at early trading this morning in Europe of markets are lower in Frankfurt off nearly a quarter there, but higher in London and in Paris, more than a half percent higher in each. In Asian trading, Hong Kong saying, saying closed nearly three quarters of a percent higher in Seoul, the market picked up nearly a half a percent. Markets in China and Japan are closed for holidays on Wall Street. Our futures are up just a little bit this morning. The NASDAQ and S and P Futures are in the red U. S. Companies that cheat their workers. How to pay are unlikely to be fined or punished even after they're caught and analysis of Labor Department data finds that in 2019 85 100 employers Recited for taking about $287 million from workers. Companies that hire child care workers, gas station clerks, restaurant servers and security guards are among the business is most likely to get caught. Analysis finds, However, the government really penalizes repeat offenders and often lets companies pay workers back less than they owe. And I'm Steve Britannic John Chicago's very own 7 20, WGN. Attention, Social Security and SS I recipients. If you did not receive an economic impact payment for your eligible spouse or dependence, you may need to file a 2020 tax return with the I R s and claim the recovery rebate credit. Go to S s a doctor of slash Z. I P to see if you need to file a tax return and if eligible for other refundable tax credits like the child tax credit, That's SS a dog. A slash Z i p Produced a U. S taxpayer expense. Hello. I'm Mike Lyndall. And as you know, my passion is tell each and every one of you get the best sleep of your life. That's why I created my new Giza Dreams bed. She's 21 inch wide pillow cases that will fit over any.

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