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Visit Tampa Bay countless ideas, endless fun, the antioxidants welches, concord grape, juice aren't just anti oxidant. Nah, they hate oxidants welches antioxidant tracked down those nasty oxidants find their leader and beat it to a sniveling oxidant pulp in front of all the other oxidants. So they slink away like scared puppies. And you never have to worry about them ever again. That's a welches antioxidant the world's toughest anti-oxidants welches dolphins graves. This is lightning radio. Lady back to the power play Kruger's at the box at ten thirty two. He took that Sara Lee. Twelve to the first period they up to thirty six in the game. Which means they put twenty four shots on net in the opening ten thirty two of the second period. They lead to the war, and it could be about six to one if not for award. Corey Crawford was their best player against the blue jackets last night turning away thirty seven so no doubt that Cam ward has been their best player on the ice tonight. The drop stamp goes Seabrook lie that shot at offers JT Miller, but the puck is gonna pinball marching out shorthanded with Saad Saad to on one across the board right circle hall host. Gave up an odd man rush. But now the other way Miller well from kucherov across the hawks line. He pulls up left point sets up a pass is going to be deflected away by Teves. Got it out to center ice, four check seven the lady'll counter coup drop slings it for stamp goes back crawfish Kaga why dropped to the point headman. Sorta. Stamkos miller. Circle award ward setting up on the PowerPoint mid at twenty the advantage. Miller right? Super porn. Centerpoint headman, circle kucherov whole, huge flocks. Rebound Anisimov out to Senator shorthanded arguments about backhands it in cheeses admit is going to get to the spot. I peel back on the way wing. Plot etc. Back for head to the crossing the hawk line, right point, rattles. It. Find it at it's gonna to Johnson left circle coughed up to route up at Davidson could clear walking a right circle. Fifty the penalty right circle. Braided point point spinning holding one lightning in the second process. Johnson over his stick and it skips out of his own. It's been a quiet powerplay so far for the lightning gave a short hander chance board up the middle, etc. Boston appointed Johnson braided point at the right point point marches, right circle, right corner plot. It is office right in front of the debt. Why was saying it had been a kind of a quiet power play with lightning berry? Really the first chance. They get on it. And they go three two one seven fifty three weapon the second. And that was a beautiful tic TAC toe passing sequence brain point, these Andre Polat below the net. He knows exactly where he's gonna put it. Johnny Gordon crashing that one and half Cam ward. Not a lot. You can do about that great execution by that. Second power play group. Gorgets is fourth all the year. Third power play goal. Stances point streak to six three games. His career. Best is seven. Polat now with assists and five straight has tied his career best point gets his second assist of the night. So the lady grapefruit finally at three two one here's to step into the light exhort pulling up right circle a little shot missed wide left. Fox look to push back. Teves is check along the far side by Cowan at seraglio. Savelli lobs it back to the hawk zone. The lighting a two-goal lead was seven thirty five left to the period. Rams it into the as open right circle. Paved Senator Pete block big play right there by stalled it and Torelli bats it out his own supposed back here from Chicago. Yuki Har you pass at center ice. Is picked up by Ryan. Mcdonagh Cross Blue point shots. Abe, work ferrelli fouls up. Rebound is loose Kuchar. Could settle it down instead out to center ice its case to more big safes award right there tastes across the blue light. Skipped to Donahue who left corner quarter debrincat is checked and grabbing the puck is, Dan. Sticks it out of the zone. This is going to spin down the ice, though, it maybe at icing wave it off. The nearside Seabrook. Six forty to the period. Three one lady returned beat Duncan Keith to get a drop pass stolen away by Kutaragi. Lifts johnson. Speeds. Dunaway wing crossed the blood right circle. Neither beca. I say. By ward, here's a quarter cetera. Johnson redirected a wide, right. Who the readout at the right point keeps alive? Preservative right circle. Sorta johnson. Doc, circuit right corner to make a play back to the point small to steal Lofton headman hold his in. And he could quite setup kucherov. Schmaltz does get it out this time to set right headman quick counter Polat, boy lighter Flying Cross blue eyed, right circle a little cetera path to flex it. Kucherov grab. Absolutely. Ward is doing everything akitas, but great at it gets his third point tonight. It's four one. I mean chance after chance after chance to the lightning break point damning away at the net. And then Akita kucherov finds that he sees the open that still manages to get that. Right. Pat out the point right there just makes it look casual backhands one top shelf. The Blackhawks just watching the Tampa Bay Lightning be absolutely dominant in the second period. Thirty two shots for the lady of the period. Thirty two shots of the period. This is the best I've ever seen Campbell ward play and he's played forty five games against full aiding prior to this. Ball with Carolina, of course. And despite his efforts. The lightning have scored four goals. They can ten tonight. That's overstating. It gets Steve leading bit. This time. We thought he had the second goal. But it was Sara Lee's who Trump? What does this? Here's David camp to the lightning. Keep on going camping a lot corner. Protects the gave a camp. Spinning in the corner. Campus pin by point camp stays with it. Knocks the puck away. Stamkos will down the ice. Yacht rude collector bought by the Hawk's death by Yanni gorgeous got away with five twenty six left in the period, turns out to Saad, etc. Exalts Saad a little shop watt. Rebound comes to Khuda quarter. Chip across a stamkos get a pick. It off problems. It up the far side dot out. It got held it by gossip said, but surgery is it back floated to the hawk line. Gustafsen? They are over at the red line to Colbert rated Cobra punches it. Ruda fat salt hotbeds, right circle. A pass deflected away though. It comes out of his Scott a quick out of across five spot, right circle. Shoots. The wildlife McDonnell of circle he gets flat that a heart. Check by for falls upright point of passing knocked out by Google. Gruber promotes it could get it past Allen today. Elating put their foot to the gas have not let up is the second period. Looted art set at center ice knocked to the ice by mcdonagh. Here's Sara Lee up a cat on profitable life rights over cohort jokes. Fucking wide left. That was close. Rebound. Gotta trying to hold it in for dot org. Torelli works with. The only assist on the goal as cougar walks into the light again right point shot went over the dead. Got the second assist. We may have a penalty coming up here. And it's going again on the hawks are batching looks like an Martin said both heading off four eleven lot to the second. It's four one Lanier lightning radio..

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