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The league wide, the 30,000 foot perspective. We always hear that kind of retirement league knock. This would seem to confirm that. So would it be bad for MLS? No, because it's like the same people who say it's a retirement league or they're trying to knock or the same people that calling the last, excuse me, league gun in France of farmers league. It's like you're throwing these stereotypes to throw these stereotypes. You don't care. You've stripping away a lot of that stigma by the way you go out and sky by the way you go out and bring players into Major League Soccer that are very young age. Now if all of a sudden these big names can come in and still produce that age, salatin, albeit one of those players who has done it, then so be it, but you need to let these teams make decisions decisions for themselves. I love it. Giorgio Chiellini, we got a chance when we were at the MLS All-Star Game in Atlanta, when they played Juventus to talk to a couple of the Juventus players from a media standpoint, forget LAFC, forget the league. I want him here. He's a great a sound bite, but he's also a great character on the field that's going to give you things to talk about. Yeah, you got to think about the organization. I mean, he could be here in LA. Yeah, he could be here playing for a bit, but he could be in the organization for a lot longer. All right, of course, we have MLS all over ESPN+ ESPN as well looking forward to the weekend on Sunday. It's Atlanta united against the New England revolution. That one starts 2 p.m. eastern on ESPN and ESPN that portis and then right after that, 4 p.m. eastern, we got her beloved Seattle sounders against Minnesota United. Femininity playoffs pachuca versus Monterey tigress against gwas first leg coming up on Friday the second legs will be played next Monday. Perfect time then to welcome into the show, our colleague from ESPN and ESPN deportes Christina Alexander Christina, I want to get all into the ligaments family playoffs but I would be remiss if I didn't mention your beloved Aya dos on the men's side. Oh, you must be in mourning. And why would you mention it in front of her too?.

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