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One run lead. We'll go to the night, Texas, three San Diego to on the Texas. Rangers radio network. Human to antecedents eight is the Lexus Rx experience the confidence that having advanced safety standard available two point nine percents. APR financing twenty eighteen Rx three fifty for up to sixty months. See Dallas Fort Worth area. Lexus dealer, sixty monthly payments of seventeen ninety two for one thousand financed. Not all customers will qualify. No down payment required. Offer valid Malek's southern area. Only October first twenty eighteen. Score big this season when you shop at albertson's and Tom thumb wearing your Texas Rangers jersey on every Sunday home game show. Your Rangers spirit and save ten percent on your groceries right off the bat. Albertson's and Tom. Thumb proud sponsors of your Texas. Rangers calling all Rangers fans Saturday September twenty second marks the last Saturday this year Rangers at action this season. And it's something you won't want to miss now the pitch and this is punch to the right side. Rookie to his left is has spins and throws to retire. Valencia. A terrific play at second by roof Nedal door. Let's pack the part when you're Texas Rangers take on the Seattle. Mariners seven PM it's your last chance to see a Saturday home game. So you have to get your tickets now at Texas Rangers dot com. Denny's hand pressed one hundred percent beefburgers look good really good in starting at only. Six ninety nine bacon. Burger a spicy Saracho? Burger those flavors alone. We'll have you questioning these burgers are from Denny's. And even after you eat one of these burgers fries for only six ninety nine question. We these burgers for Denny's. The answer is yes, these burgers are from Denny's. Get a furniture and fries starting at six ninety nine only. At Denny's limited time, only, price and participation may vary..

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